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How much does a pharmacist make? Pharmacists show a growing trend for good job opportunities. Pharmacists earn high salaries but this may come with the requirement of working some nights, weekends, and holidays. Pharmacists nowadays are becoming more involved in the planning of drug therapy programs and counseling patients on medication use. Pharmacists are licensed professionals who must graduate from a college of pharmacy and pass medical examinations in order to be licensed.

How much does a pharmacist make?
How much does a pharmacist make? JONATHAN NACKSTRAND/AFP/Getty Images

Employment for the pharmacy industry is trending towards a faster increase than the average job position. Because of fast job growth, replacing pharmacists who leave the occupation, along with a limited capacity of training programs, shows that job prospects in this industry are excellent. The employment trend for pharmacists shows an expected growth of 17 percent between 2008 and 2018, faster than average for most occupations.

Pharmacist duties typically include distributing prescription drugs to individuals, advising and counseling patients, health practitioners and physicians on drug selection, dosage, side effects and interactions of medications. Pharmacists also advise patients about the use of over-the-counter medications and their interaction with prescription medications. Pharmacists monitor the progress and health of their pharmacy patients, making sure they use medications correctly and safely.

Pharmacists advise patients about health topics related to their medications, such as exercise, diet, and stress management. Pharmacists provide the correct doseage of medications from doctor prescriptions in pharmacies, but they do not mix actual ingredients for medicines. The majority of pharmacy medications are produced offsite by pharmaceutical companies in standard dosages and drug forms for healthcare facilities, drugstores or hospitals. In addition to their medication duties, pharmacists complete paperwork including third-party insurance forms.

How much does a pharmacist make per hour?

The median annual wage of hourly and salaried pharmacists in May 2008 were $106,410. The middle percentage of pharmacists earned $92,670 and $121,310 a year. The lowest percent of pharmacists earned less than $77,390, while the highest earned over $131,440 a year.

Pharmacy and Industry Hourly Wage

Health and Personal Care Stores $51.83

General Medical and Surgical Hospitals $51.06

Grocery Stores $50.79

Department Stores $50.54

Other General Merchandise Stores $52.61

Management, Scientific, and Technical

Consulting Services $56.11

Residential Mental Retardation, Mental Health

and Substance Abuse Facilities $55.08

Insurance Carriers $53.55

Management of Companies and Enterprises $53.30

Employment Services $53.11

SOURCE: BLS Current Employment Statistics, 2008.

How much does a pharmacist make per year?

According to, as of Jul 1, 2010 a pharmacist makes a median salary of $122,000 a year.

Pharmacist Nuclear $118,000

Registered Pharmacist Retail Pharmacist $146,000

Pharmacist Travel Pharmacist Pharmacy $109,000

Travel Pharmacist $150,000

Pharmacist Lead $126,000

Registered Pharmacist Clinical Pharmacist $102,000

Pharmacist Grand Junction $126,000

Pharmacist Battlement Mesa $126,000

Pharmacist Hospital $112,000

Clinical Pharmacist Specialist $125,000

Pharmacist Pharmacy Director $131,000

Pharmacist Oncology $117,000

Inpatient Clinical Pharmacist $134,000

Pharmacist ON Call $85,000

Lead Pharmacist $87,000

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