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How much does a notary public make? Notaries earn an average to good salary for their notary services. A notary public is a sworn public servant whose job it is to witnesses signatures and certify document. As a licensed public servant of a state, a notary public can administer oaths and affirmations, as well as delegated as an official witness during the signing of important documents in order to prevent fraud. Institutions such as law offices and banks, dealing in real estate or financial transactions, may employ notaries public.

Notaries are part-time positions or may act as notaries as part of other job duties. Documents are notarized in order to deter fraud, ensuring they are properly executed. The notary acts as an impartial witness to make sure clients signing documents entered into agreements knowingly and willingly, and is there to screen out impostors prior to signing documents. Duties vary according to jurisdiction. A notary requests identification in the form of a driver's license, military ID or passport before signatures. In some cases the notary requries a thumbprint from clients before the signing of papers.

Common misconceptions about notaries are that a document witnessed by a notary public does not automatically make a document legal and true, the document may still be fraudulent, and other than legal professionals, notaries do not give legal advice or prepare legal documents.

Notary Public Job Duties:


When people give depositions (sworn legal testimony), the notary monitors the proceeding and notarizes the resulting document as being the actual testimony of the people participating.

*Witness Signatures

The most familiar task for the notary is to verify an individual's identity and notarize (certify) he/she has witnessed the person signing a document.


The notary public often administers oaths, particularly when someone must swear that a statement or document they provide is accurate and truthful.


Most notaries keep a journal or registry recording all of their actions as a notary. This is required in some states.


Independent notaries typically charge fees for their services. They may not charge to notarize a voter registration form, however.


A notary may also notarize acknowledgments, which is a statement accepting or admitting obligation or responsibility.

Notaries public are required to pass a background check, classes and a state examination for their job position. The job trend for notaries public is good, since every loan signing, refinance, Homestead Declaration, Grant Deed, home sales, Power of Attorney, Quitclaim Deed and more requires the signature and stamp of a Notary Public.

How much does a notary public make per hour?

According to, the median salary for a notary public is $32,000. A 2010 report breaks down the hourly salary of notary public per industry:

Industry And Hourly Wages

Human Resources $17.00

Administrative Assistant $14.47

Customer Service Representative $12.93

Paralegal / Legal Assistant $15.37

Executive Assistant / Admin $16.63

Administrative / Office Manager $14.36

Office Manager $15.03

How much does a notary public make per year?

A 2010 report breaks down the annual salary of notary public per industry:

Industry And Annual Wages

Human Resources (HR) Coordinator $36,015 – $49,006

Executive Assistant $42,726 – $57,451

Paralegal / Legal Assistant $30,608 – $48,815

Executive Assistant to CEO $42,550 – $63,642

Administrative / Office Manager $34,144 – $50,090

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