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How much does a nanny make? A nanny earns an average to good salary depending on the type of services provided. Nannies may be thought of as hired help for the wealthy, but in general nannies are employed by professional couples who hire a nanny to care for their children while they are at work. Nannies must communicate well with both the parents and their children. A nanny may be treated as a friend, employee or member of the family.

How much does a nanny make?
How much does a nanny make? STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN/AFP/Getty Images

A nanny works on average 40 to 60 hours per week with two scheduled days off. A live-out nanny has a more regular schedule of hours than a live-in nanny. Live-in nannies tend to make a better living wage, with the trade off of living-in not having the opportunity for overtime pay. A live-in nanny may benefit from free room and board, which generally includes a private room and a private bath. Live-in nannies must be paid minimum wage for each hour worked within a 7 day period.

Nanny Duties:

* Tending to each child's basic physical needs

* Organizing play activities and outings

* Setting behavioral guidelines

* Providing discipline when appropriate

* Providing social and intellectual stimulation

* Meal planning and preparation for the children

* Laundering and caring for clothing belonging to the children

* Housekeeping, when related to the children

* Providing transportation

* Traveling with the family

Characteristics Of Nannies:

The International Nanny Association has listed the following standards and background for nannies:

* A nanny must be in good general health, with proof of immunizations and, where states require, a negative TB test and/or chest x-ray.

* A nanny must have completed high school (or the equivalent)

* A nanny must be at least 18 years of age

* Extensive experience working with children, perhaps as a teacher, psychologist or nurse and a desire to use their specialized skills working one on one with a child in a private residence

* Extensive babysitting and/or daycare experience

* A degree in early childhood education or elementary education and the desire to work one on one with children

* Experience raising a family of their own and an affinity for in-home child care

According to the Bureau Of Labor Statistics about 33 percent of child care workers are self-employed, providing child care in their own homes. Training for nannies is more extensive than this, with practical experience working directly with children, education and a degree favored for this type of work. A number of nannies leave their profession every year, creating job openings for prospective job seekers.

How much does a nanny make per hour?

A 2009 International Nanny Association Salary and Benefits Survey shows the hourly wage range for nannies is $7.25 to $20 or more per hour.

How much does a nanny make per year?

A 2009 International Nanny Association Salary and Benefits Survey shows the weekly salary range for a live-in nanny was $300 to $1,000 or more per week.

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