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How much does a medical assistant make? Planning a career as a medical assistant but not clear about how much does a medical assistant make? Your salary or remunerations depend upon the location of where you'll be working as a medical assistant and the skill levels and experience in the industry. As one of the fastest developing fields in the US, the demand for medical assistants will grow to nearly 34% by 2018 as per the statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Advanced medical solutions and increasing population of people living into the later years are the major reasons for the spurred growth in demand. Additionally, with new technology that is being developed every year, additional manpower is required and that is where medical assistants are needed.

How much does a medical assistant make?
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As per the statistics, the lowest paid medical assistants take home a salary of $20,000 annually while the highest paid assistants earn about $40,000 a year. On an average, the salaries of medical assistants tend to be about $25,000 to $30,000 annually. Basically the salary of medical assistants is influenced by factors such as experience academic background, health care facility employing them and location within the nation.

As per the data analyzed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean income employed in hospitals is $29,720. While those employed in clinics, colleges and physician's offices take home about $28,700 and those working at podiatrists and chiropractors get $25,000 annually as per the data analysis of 2008. Best of all, medical assistants are provided with numerous health care benefits ranging from:

• Paid leaves for sickness and vacations

• Retirement and pension plans with matching 401 K

• Disability coverage

• Vision/Dental and medical insurance

• School tuition reimbursements/aid

The middle level medical assistants earned from $23,700 – $33,050 annually while the highest paid were able to take home over $39,570. The lowest paid salary of less than $20,600. In 2008, the median annual wages in the industries employed a vast number of medical assistants and these were:

Offices of physicians $28,710

Outpatient care centers $28,570

Surgical and General medical hospitals $29,720

Universities, colleges and professional schools $28,820

Health practitioners offices $25,240

As compared to medical assistants, the non certified medical assistants drew a salary of $26,775 which works out to 4% less than the certified medical assistants. However, the gross pay depends upon the health care facility that employs you. At HMO and a variety of managed care facility, certified medical assistants are paid about $14.08 on an hourly basis and at outpatient clinic, they're paid nearly $14.48 on an hourly basis. If you are looking to find out the areas that pay higher, you'll be surprised to know that certified medical assistant living on the West and east Coast are paid higher than their contemporaries. But the Southern states have a low average income.

However the pleasure that you derive by helping your community and doing your bit for improving the health care facility in your locale far outreaches the hectic pace of life. It is a satisfying and enjoyable career when you decide to become a medical assistant.

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