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How much does a LPN make? Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) have good earnings in the nursing profession. LPNs provide support services to RNs, giving care to patients who are injured, sick, in convalescent care, or disabled, with direction from physicians and registered nurses. LPNs are different than RNs, with RNs having a higher level of education, knowledge and greater responsibilities than LPNs. RNs are held to a greater amount of legal responsibility in their position as a supervisor. Experienced LPNs may be charged with supervising aides and nursing assistants.

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LPNs work in a wide variety of areas in healthcare. Some LPNs work in a specialized setting, such as a a doctor's office, nursing home, or in home healthcare. LPNs often provide bedside care, including measuring and recording patients' vital signs, monitor catheters, dress wounds and prepare and give injections and enemas. LPNs may also help in activities of daily living, feeding patients, bathing, dressing, lifting, and assisting patients with walking as needed. LPNs may be tasked with performing laboratory tests, collecting samples for testing, and recording fluid and food intake and output. LPNs often monitor patients, reporting reactions to treatments or medications. LPNs may gather health history and general wellness information from patients, using this information for the completion of insurance forms, referrals, and pre-authorizations, then share this patient information with doctors and RNs.

The employment projection for LPNs shows faster growth than average, signaling that job prospects are very good for this profession. The best job growth by industry for LPNs will be available in home healthcare services and nursing care facilities. LPN workers have a history of leaving this profession, providing a major source of job openings for the future. LPNs have opportunities to advance in hospital settings such as nursing homes, where they become charge nurses overseeing the work of nursing aides and other LPNs. Some LPNs decide on further training in order to become a registered nurse through LPN-to-RN training programs.

How much does a LPN make per hour?

A 2008 Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows the median hourly wages for icensed practical and licensed vocational nurses was $19.14.

Industry And Hourly Wages

Nursing Care Facilities $20.34

General Medical and Surgical Hospitals $19.22

Offices of Physicians $17.68

Home Health Care Services $20.33

Community Care Facilities for the Elderly $20.17

How much does a LPN make per year?

The median yearly salary for licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses according to a May 2008 Bureau of Labor Statistics report was $39,030.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics 2008 report provides salary levels for various areas of care a licensed practical nurse would work in:

Employment services $44,690

Nursing care facilities $40,580

Home health care services $39,510

General medical and surgical hospitals $38,080

Offices of physicians $35,020

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