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How much does a logger make? A logger, also known as a feller, earns a low to average salary for their work. Logging is a hazardous occupation, requiring good teamwork, physical strength and stamina. Loggers cut down trees in the forest, then load the logs onto trailers and railroad cars for transport. Loggers typically work for large lumber companies. Half of the loggers in the United States work in California, Oregon, North Carolina, Arkansas, Washington, Alabama, and Georgia.

How much does a logger make?

A logging crew is responsible for the timber-cutting and logging process. Loggers are given the task of cutting and hauling large quantities of trees. Logging crews are usually comprised of one bucker to cut logs, one or two tree fallers or one tree harvesting machine operator to cut down the trees, two logging skidder operators to chain up then drag cut trees to the loading deck area, and one equipment operator that loads the logs onto trucks for transport.

Loggers, also known as tree fallers, cut down trees using hand-held power chain saws or mobile felling machines. Loggers use axes or chainsaws to fell trees using cutting techniques in order to control the direction of fall and minimize tree damage. Loggers may be responsible for operating a number of machines during their work day, including a logging tractor or wheeled vehicle equipped with one or more accessories, such as a frontal shear, grapple, bulldozer blade, logging arch, hoisting rack, cable winches, or crane boom, to fell trees; to pull stumps or clear brush, or to skid, load, unload, or stack logs.

Once the tree is felled choke setters fasten chokers made of steel cables or chains around the logs to be dragged by tractors or moved forward by a cable-yarding system to the landing or deck area. Log graders and scalers inspect logs, checking for defects, measure to determine the volume of the logs, and estimate the market value of logs or pulpwood.

A high school diploma is sufficient for workers who apply for logging jobs. Most loggers receive on the job training of felling techniques and machine operation. Logging can be seasonal work, the demand for forest and conservation workers varies by region and time of year. Employment of logging, forest, and conservation workers should experience little or no change through the year 2016.

How much does a logger make per hour?

According to Careerplanner.com, the median hourly earnings for logging, forest, and conservation occupations in 2006 were as follows:

Logging equipment operators $14.28

Log graders and scalers 14.06

Fallers 13.80

According to Careeroverview.com, the hourly salary for loggers was as follows:

Hourly Pay Period

Low $8.73

Median $15.32

High $21.47

How much does a logger make per year?

Earnings vary with location and experience. According to Careeroverview.com, the annual salary for loggers was as follows:

Annual Pay Period

Low $18,200

Median $31,900

High $44,700

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