What It's Like To Fly In A Private First Class Suite On Singapore Airlines – Where A Round Trip Ticket Could Cost $20,000+

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The only time in my life I've ever flown anything other than the cheapest back-of-the-plane coach was last October. It's hard to explain how this set of circumstances came to be, but I needed to travel from Sydney to Barcelona. I would be alone on a plane for basically 24 hours straight. Oh, and it happened to be my birthday. So when I needed to book my ticket, I broke down and splurged. I used up every American Express point I had earned over a 5 year period, plus an additional $3000 cash, and bought a First Class ticket.

The whole experience was amazing and might be the best birthday I've ever had. The first leg of the flight (from Sydney to Bangkok) was on a slightly older plane, but my seat was located upstairs, which had been on my bucket list since I was like 10 years old. The second leg of the flight (from Bangkok to Barcelona) was operated by Austrian Airlines, and this was pure luxury. Brand new plane, amazing food, flat screen TVs, fully flat beds. I was in heaven and never wanted it to end.

Well, thanks to travel blogger Derek Low, now my First Class experience basically feels a Greyhound bus ride from Phoenix to Tulsa. You see, Derek recently used all of his miles to fly First Class from Singapore to New York on what is generally considered the most luxurious airline in the world: Singapore Airlines. And not just regular First Class. Derek got a First Class Suite, which is basically like having your own Ritz Carlton hotel room in the sky. FYI, I just priced out a First Class Suite flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo on Singapore Airlines. Before I even got to taxes and fees, the round trip fare (for one person) had already topped $23,000!

I'm gonna post some highlights below, but if you want to understand the full experience of what it was like to travel on the most luxurious First Class airline in the world check out Derek's article right here. He does a great job of chronicling every step of the experience, from the First Class lounge, the food, the amenities, the drinks and more.

First, here's what the Airbus A380 looks like from the outside:


Here's what Coach looks like:


And Business Class:


If you walk up a staircase behind Business Class, you are taken to First Class. Oh and by the way, the First Class section has showers. Showers! You can also drink as much Dom Perignon as you like and eat as much caviar as your tummy can handle.


Once you get up to this roped off paradise, here's what you will find:



These private suite doors open up this amazing little slice of heaven:







Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go out and rob a bank so I can fly like this just one time in my life!

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