JPMorgan Made A Huge Profit In Day Trading

By on March 13, 2017 in ArticlesHow Much Does

US corporate and investment bank JPMorgan had a killer year in 2016. Daniel Pinto, JPMorgan's CEO, revealed that the bank did not have a single day of losses in the market. Instead, day traders brought in an average of $80 million in revenues per day, up from $70 million in 2015. They generated around $21 billion in fixed income and equity sales and trading over the year. Market volatility was generally flat.

The increase in daily market revenue is helped by increased revenue across all business sectors. The flow of market-making revenues increased 21% in two years, whole financing revenues increased 24%. JPMorgan is now among the top three in 31 business categories, which generate 83% of the market's revenue pool. Equities have been a recent focus, with growth across multiple lines.

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JPMorgan aims to increase their net income to over $30 billion by 2019, barring any serious litigation, as their investment management affiliates are currently facing a lawsuit concerning self-dealing.