How Much Does McDonalds Make?

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How much does McDonald's make? It probably won't surprise you to know the numbers are big. The discrepancy between what the corporation makes and what the average McDonald's manager makes will make the figures seem even larger!

McDonald's revenues for 2009 added up to $1.26 billion per quarter. This is an increase from previous year in every market, including the US, Europe, the Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa region.

Aside from revenues produced directly by their restaurants, McDonald's also generates profits by selling its name. It costs $250,000 to buy the right to open a McDonald's franchise. McDonald's then earns a monthly royalty fee.

McDonald's wealth doesn't trickle down to the employees in the restaurants. In fact, McDonald's stays pretty close to minimum wage salaries for all its employees. According to Glass Door, a website maintaining statistics on salaries, workers are McDonald's earned the following averages in 2009:

Fry Cook: $8.44 an hour

Swing Manager: $8.98 an hour

Cashier: $16,550

Crew Members: $18,693

Assistant Store Manager: $27,732

Assistant Manager: $28,825

Store Manager: $36,534 a year to $42,895

Salaries for store managers vary widely, because the final salary is decided by the owner of that particular restaurant. Since McDonald's has a lot of franchises, it's basically impossible to have a single average number for the whole nation. Cashiers, fry cooks and crew members have a set hourly rate that is mostly maintained across the board. When it comes to store managers, owners can choose to pay more or less, depending on how easy it is to find a qualified person in the area.

In 2013, Mcdonalds is worth $90.3 Billion.

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