For The First Time, Every Major League Baseball Team Is Worth At Least $1 Billion

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America's pastime is a bigger business now than it has ever been. Profits are through the roof, star players are making more than ever, and major networks are paying more than ever to broadcast the games. Another financial milestone achieved by Major League Baseball was recently picked up by Forbes: For the first time in the history of the league, every MLB team is worth at least $1 billion.

That goes for the comparatively lowly Miami Marlins, valued at $1 billion, all the way up to (who else?) the New York Yankees at the top of the heap, with a total value of some $4.6 billion. Here's a rundown of how all 30 MLB teams are estimated to be worth:

Miami Marlins: $1 Billion

Tampa Bay Rays: $1.01 Billion

Kansas City Royals: $1.025 Billion

Cincinnati Reds: $1.05 Billion

Oakland Athletics: $1.1 Billion 

Cleveland Indians: $1.15 Billion 

Milwaukee Brewers: $1.175 Billion

Minnesota Twins: $1.2 Billion

Colorado Rockies: $1.225 Billion

Detroit Tigers: $1.25 Billion

Pittsburgh Pirates: $1.275 Billion 

Baltimore Orioles: $1.28 Billion

Arizona Diamondbacks: $1.29 Billion 

San Diego Padres: $1.35 Billion 

Toronto Blue Jays: $1.5 Billion 

Seattle Mariners: $1.575 Billion 

Chicago White Sox: $1.6 Billion 

Texas Rangers: $1.65 Billion 

Atlanta Braves: $1.7 Billion 

Washington Nationals: $1.75 Billion 

Houston Astros: $1.775 Billion 

Philadelphia Phillies: $1.85 Billion

Los Angeles Angels: $1.9 Billion 

St. Louis Cardinals: $2.1 Billion 

New York Mets: $2.3 Billion 

San Francisco Giants: $3 Billion 

Chicago Cubs: $3.1 Billion 

Boston Red Sox: $3.2 Billion 

Los Angeles Dodgers: $3.3 Billion 

New York Yankees: $4.6 Billion

Al Bello/Allsport/Getty Images

As you can see in the above list, most of the teams in the league are fairly well grouped together, in terms of total team value, while on the other hand, the Yankees have a good $1.3 billion leap on the next most valuable team. The average team is still worth a generous $1.78 billion, which is a spike of some eight percent compared to the previous year – and yet another indication that baseball as an industry is continuing to grow.

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