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How much does an engineer make? Engineering is a profession that acquires and applies technical, scientific and mathematical knowledge. They try to achieve the objective and invention that they desire through design and the use of materials, devices, systems and processes. A person practicing engineering is called an engineer. They develop new products with the help of scientific discoveries and commercial application to meet what the consumers need.

How much does an engineer make?
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Engineers have specializations. According to the Federal Government's Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) system, there are 17 engineering specializations. In the United States, engineers are required to take their licensure exam depending on the State. Each State has a specific requirement. When the State Board has granted the engineer a license, they can use the title Professional Engineer (PE).

Mechanical engineers are in charge of researching, designing, developing, and manufacturing the power producing machines. Some mechanical engineers also work on tools and power producing machines as well. A Project Engineer can earn from $55,114 – $84,396. A Mechanical Design Engineer's salary ranges from $52,213 – $70,795. A Senior Mechanical Engineer can get a salary from $73,524 – $100,923.

Chemical Engineers are in charge of the process on how chemicals as raw materials become products that we can use. They are now also actively participating in the development of new technologies. The Department of Labor in the United States estimated that there are approximately 31,000 chemical engineers in the year 2008. They are the highest paid for fresh college graduates. The median annual salary is $78,860. But, their salaries range from $67,420 to $105,000 per year. A salary of a chemical engineer in the research and development department can range from $62,924 to $98,972 annually. A salary of a chemical process engineer ranges from $64,073 to $88,933 annually. A senior chemical engineer can earn from $87,051 to $122,521 per year.

Civil Engineers are working for the design and management of public works projects. They are employed by construction firms, municipalities, state government, federal government and consulting engineering firms. Civil engineers have specialization, geotechnical engineering, transportation engineering, structural engineering, hydraulic engineering, earthquake engineering, environmental engineering or highway engineering. A civil engineer for infrastructure earns from $59,613 to $91,658 annually. A structural engineer's salary ranges from $51,395 to $73,347. The salary of a civil engineer for the road and highway ranges from $56,143 to $82,019. Civil engineers that are Certified Professional Engineer (PE) has a different salary range.

Electrical engineers deal with problems regarding large scale electrical systems. Electronic engineers are involved with the transmission of information with the use of electricity. Electrical engineers who have certification as certified professional engineers can earn from $60,668 to $92,425 annually. A project engineer earns from $55,116 to $84,375 annually. An electrical design engineer earns from $55,579 to $83,070 per year. A senior electrical engineer can earn from $80,193 to $109,841 annually. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of May 2008, an electronic engineer earns an average of $88,670. The highest paid electronic engineer earns $129,920. The highest paying area is in the District of Colombia. An electronic engineer is paid in an average of $105,190 annually.

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