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How much do electricians make? This highly sought after construction position requires skill and training, the trends for electrician salaries shows this kind of work is still in demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, fully 64% of jobs in construction in 2008 were for specialty trade contractors, including electricians. According to this report compiled during the U.S. recession, licensed occupations such as electricians have a favorable outlook when it comes to projected job growth.

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Electricians are a specialty trade contractor, a trade that requires more education and training for their profession. Electricians as specialty trade contractors typically get paid more than construction trade workers. Electricians test, connect, install, and maintain building electrical systems, which can include climate control, security, lighting, and communications. Specialty trade contractors, such as electricians, are responsible for specialized activities in the structure of a building, but are not responsible for the entire structure of the building.

Electricians install electrical and power systems, as well as maintain services for homes and businesses. Electricians focus on maintenance or construction of buildings. The electricity flows through wiring and control equipment set up by electricians. Electricians repair electrical equipment and maintain electrical systems that are already in place in homes and a wide array of business settings, as well as fix and upgrade existing electrical systems. Electricians are expected to inspect electrical equipment to be sure it is operating properly, correcting problems before a breakdown occurs. Electricians must follow State and building mandated codes while performing their work.

How much do electricians make per hour?

Electricians are categorized under the specialty trade contractors section of this report.

Specialty Trade Contractors Hourly Wages

Building equipment contractors $23.56

Building finishing contractors 20.87

Other specialty trade contractors 20.86

Building foundation and exterior contractors 20.54

SOURCE: BLS Current Employment Statistics, 2008.

A May 2008 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics states the median hourly wages of electricians were $22.32. The hourly wage of middle range electricians earned between $17.00 and $29.88. The lowest range of electrical workers earned less than $13.54, while the highest percent earned more than $38.18.

The median hourly wage of electricians per their job duties:

Construction of buildings $21.26

Heavy and civil engineering construction 22.85

Specialty trade contractors 21.69

All industries 22.32

SOURCE: BLS Current Employment Statistics, 2008.

How much do electricians make per year?

The median salary of electricians in the U.S. is $43,000.

Electrician Salaries from Indeed.com:

Electrician Careers Training $45,000

Commercial Electrician Training $50,000

Commercial Electrician Mechanic $30,000

Industrial Electrician Journeyman $54,000

Construction Electrician $37,000

Commercial Electrician Journeyman $37,000

Electrician Training $50,000

Diesel Electrician $47,000

Electrician $40,000

Electrician Foreman $57,000

Caltrans Electrician $53,000

Maintenance Electrician Mechanic $47,000

Interior Electrician $23,000

High Voltage Electrician $55,000

Industrial Maintenance Electrician $50,000

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