Eleven Cities Where The World's Richest People Own Real Estate

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A lot is taken into consideration when someone is deciding where to put down roots: schools, business opportunities, neighborhood safety, and so much more. And the same goes for the wealthy, whether they're choosing the locale of their primary home or a vacation spot.

In order to determine where the world's richest people are flocking to, research firm Wealth-X collected data on the residential addresses of individuals with a net worth of $30 million or more.

As for the number one spot, New York City has the greatest population of ultra high net worth (UHNW) property owners in the world.

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Here is a list of the 11 cities where the most affluent people in the world own a home:

11. Houston

Total UHNW population: 2,884

UHNW residents: 2,290

UHNW second homeowners: 594

10. Miami

Total UHNW population: 2,927

UHNW residents: 1,440

UHNW second homeowners: 1,487

9. Dallas

Total UHNW population: 2,968

UHNW residents: 2,330

UHNW second homeowners: 638

8. Chicago

Total UHNW population: 3,896

UHNW residents: 3,100

UHNW second homeowners: 796

7. Paris

Total UHNW population: 4,663

UHNW residents: 3,430

UHNW second homeowners: 1,233

6. San Francisco

Total UHNW population: 6,391

UHNW residents: 2,350

UHNW second homeowners: 4,041

5. Singapore

Total UHNW population: 7,953

UHNW residents: 2,180

UHNW second homeowners: 5,773

4. Hong Kong

Total UHNW population: 8,009

UHNW residents: 7,650

UHNW second homeowners: 359

3. Los Angeles

Total UHNW population: 8,272

UHNW residents: 4,590

UHNW second homeowners: 3,682

2. London

Total UHNW population: 9,301

UHNW residents: 3,134

UHNW second homeowners: 6,167

1. New York City

Total UHNW population: 14,574

UHNW residents: 8,340

UHNW second homeowners: 6,234

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