At $21.8 Million, This Is San Francisco's Most Expensive Home Of 2016

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The city of San Francisco is known as one of the most expensive cities in the United States, so it might not be much of a surprise how much this stunning hillside mansion there just sold for. Far surpassing San Fran's average house price that is just shy of $900,000, this home at 2250 Vallejo was just sold for a whopping $21.8 million – making it the most expensive home sold in the city all year.

Standing at 9,095-square-foot, this Beaux Arts mansion located in Pacific Heights comes with seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge and a history all of its own. Finished in 1901, it is the brainchild of San Francisco architect James F. Dunn. Dunn constructed the Vallejo Street home for James Madison, a Danish fish-packing magnate. Not only was the mansion once owned by former San Francisco mayor Angelo Rossi, but during World War II it was briefly converted into a home for wounded soldiers. After spending fifty years as an apartment building, it was once again reconverted into a home.

The stunning edifice features Corinthian columns holding up a classic wrought iron balcony, all frozen in time by the unique Beaux Arts style Dunn chose for it. The Vallejo Street stop is likely one of the most stunning in all of Pacific Heights, boasting metalwork balconies and neoclassical carvings that are bold in color and rich in design.

Despite its age, the inside of San Fran's most spendy mansion of 2016 might surprise you. Beginning in 2013 and lasting through 2015, the house was the subject of an extensive renovation focused on modernizing the property. Led by interior designer Paul McClean of McClean Design, the 1901 home now includes such minimalistic views such as this.

Another slick addition to the historic home comes in the form of sleek marble top, an island and sharp, stainless steel appliances in the open layout connecting kitchen.

This modernization project not only included this updated space, but also brought with it a brand new two-car garage, four fireplaces, an elevator, a wine room and a new foundation with seismic engineering.

One of the most exciting features of this San Francisco abode might not even be what's included with the home. Sure, the rooftop's infinity pool plunge pool, steam shower and gas fire pit are great and all, but it's clearly the Golden Gate view that steals the show at the top of this one-of-a-kind property.

The property was initially listed at $28 million when it first hit the market in November of 2015. The price tag was then dropped to $25 million before it was scooped up by a private buyer for the final sale price of $21.8 million just this month.

Another property within the city captured global real estate headlines as the most expensive home on the market in San Francisco when it was listed at $28.5 million. This pricey villa stole the title of most costly piece of property on the market from the Pacific Heights home just sold for the majority of the year, but the listing recently expired in September with no buyers.

While the closing price on the Beaux Arts mansion on Vallejo is certainly nothing to bat an eye at, it still has yet to surpass the most pricey sale in San Francisco of 2015. A 16,000-square-foot, seven-bedroom mansion located on Broadway was handed off for $31 million, making it the costliest sale of 2015 (and so far, 2016) in the city.

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