18-Year-Old Aleexandra Khefren Sells Virginity For Over $2 Million

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As abstract concepts go, virginity is probably among the ones that have the most monetary value over the course of human history. For the most recent obvious example, take Aleexandra Khefren, a Hungarian model who's making headlines for having put her own virginity up for sale with an an original asking price of at least $1 million.

Reports seem to differ on exactly how much Khefren thought her virginity was worth to a lucky buyer, but on her listing on the Cinderella Escorts site (which I have looked up purely for research purposes), the asking price is 1 million Euros , which is just a little over a million in American dollars. In any case, the actual price would seem to be moot, since according to the Daily Mail, a winning bidder has been found, and the gentleman has put down the equivalent of $2.1 million for the privilege of being the first man to go all the way with this particular 18-year-old virgin.

Khefren reportedly got the idea to sell her virginity (evidently legal in Germany, where the "date" is also supposed to take place) from the movie Indecent Proposal. Cinderella Escorts offers a bit more information on her rationale for the decision, purportedly taken directly from the model herself, albeit in badly translated English:

"I was already waiting till i become 18 so i finally could sell my Virginity. Money gives you a lot of Opportunitys. I can travel around the world, study in a good University and my parents are poor, i can buy them a house. There are so many Options and i want to use them now where i am young. A lot of Girls giving their Virginity for nothing to a man who leave her after most times. Thats not worth it. So i want to use my Virginity for something that its worth it. Something that will creat a better future for me. And i think the money for this auction can give me definitely a better life."

Despite that reasonable-sounding explanation, and her desire to buy her parents a new house (after they'd been recently evicted, as the story has it), Khefren's parents were very displeased by her decision to place her virginity up for sale after she became a minor celebrity in the process. Her father even threatened to disown his own now famous daughter, although reportedly he has since backed off from that threat and softened on the idea.

As for Cinderella Escorts, you might be interested to know that they're taking home 20 percent in this deal, and they don't even have to have sex with some rich creep.

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