10 of Tom Hanks' Highest Paying Acting Roles

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An actor and filmmaker with a career spanning over 3 decades, Thomas Jeffrey Hanks remains a highly relevant Hollywood personality. With experience playing in every kind of film, from light-hearted comedies to super serious dramas, his vast talent and versatility remain unmatched. So, how much has his expertise been worth over the years? You're about to find out.

10. Toy Story 3 (2010)

The third installment of the animated 3D computer comedy-drama series, Toy Story, Hanks, once again, lends his vocals to the voice of a toy cowboy named "Woody." Also featuring voiceover work from the likes of Tim Allen, Joan Cusack, and Ned Beatty, to name a few, the film did exceptionally well with around a 99% approval rating and Hanks received $15 million for playing the role.

9. Captain Phillips (2013)

A critically acclaimed biographical survival thriller in which Hanks takes on the role of Captain Phillips, a brave man who takes control of a ship in order to help ward off potential pirate activity. With around a 93% rating and a breakout performance from actor Barkhad Abdi, the movie earned several awards and Hanks earned $15 million in the process.

8. Toy Story 4 (2018)

The latest and yet to be released installment of the Toy Story movie franchise. Although rumors have been swirling in terms of cast and the official release date, the $15 million being paid to Hanks seem fairly finalized.

7. The Da Vinci Code (2006)

A mystery thriller that tackles a number of conspiracy theories, The Da Vinci Code had mixed to negative reviews due to sensitivity in subject matter, a jumpy plot, and religious backlash, among other things. Either way, Hanks netted $18 million for the role, which included profit shares.

6. Cast Away (2000)

An adventure drama film about a systems engineer who gets stuck on a deserted island, Cast Away is a film that is centered on Hanks ability to semi-silently and dramatically carry an array of scenes. A movie that earned critical acclaim as well as a Golden Globe, Hanks asserted his versatility and earned $20 million in the process.

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

5. The Green Mile (1999)

A fantasy crime drama film which was adapted from the Stephen King novel of the same name, Tom Hanks plays an aging man who has a flashback of his days as a prison guard on death row. Receiving mostly positive reviews from critics and fans alike, this film has an approval rating of 80% and Hanks received $20 million for taking on the role.

4. You've got Mail (1998)

A romantic comedy also starring Meg Ryan and Parker PoseyYou've got Mail was a pop cultural hit of epic proportions. Marked by its comedy, that was fueled by the technology and challenges unique to the mid-nineties, many enjoyed the film because it intertwined a love story with a narrative about technological advances and the problems associated with franchises and big business, the movie did fairly well overall and Hanks received $20 million for playing the role.

3. Saving Private Ryan (1998)

An epic war drama film also starring Edward Burns, Tom Sizemore, and Matt Damon, to name a few, this film did well in theaters receiving an approval rating of 92%. Winning a slew of awards, including several Academy Awards, 2 Grammys, and a Golden Globe, Hanks earned $40 million for starring in the film.

2. Angels & Demons (2009)

A mystery thriller directed by the legendary Ron Howard and based on a novel of the same name. Amidst a Catholic controversy and other backlash, the movie received mixed reviews and Hanks received $50 million for taking the role, which included profit shares.

1. Forrest Gump (1994)

An epic romantic comedy-drama, Forrest Gump is a film about a man with below average intelligence and well above average luck. A film marked by its pop cultural references and hilarious explanations for random events throughout history, this film received generally positive reviews as well as an Academy Award Golden Globe, more importantly, Hanks walked away with $70 million (including profit shares).

Tom Hanks' Career Highlights 

  • Toy Story 4 – $15 million
  • Captain Phillips – $15 million
  • Toy Story 3 – $15 million
  • The Da Vinci Code – $18 million (including profit shares)
  • Cast Away – $20 million
  • The Green Mile – $20 million
  • You've got Mail – $20 million
  • Saving Private Ryan – $40 million
  • Angels & Demons – $50 million (including profit shares)
  • Forrest Gump – $70 million (including profit shares)

Total = $283 Million 

Overall, with a net worth of $350 million and a laundry list of potential roles, as well as the skills to make his own films, it's unlikely that this Hollywood heavyweight will be fading into obscurity anytime soon. Either way, whether he continues to make great films or never works in that town again, he has already left a legacy that will represent his immense talents for many years to come.

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