These Are The 10 Highest Grossing Concert Tours Of All Time

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It's summertime and many of music's biggest acts are out on tour shaking everything they've got for eager fans. From Taylor Swift to U2, Dave Matthews Band to Foo Fighters – these musicians are crisscrossing the country and the globe to reach fans and make that hard earned cash. Only the passage of time will tell whether any of this summer's hottest tours makes it onto the list of the 10 Highest Grossing Concert Tours of All Time.

In fact, the list of the top 10 highest grossing concert tours of all time is pretty impressive. There's not a Justin Bieber or One Direction to be found. Instead, the list is made up of bands and performers who have been popular for many decades. The youngsters on the list, for instance, are U2 and Madonna!

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Dave Hogan/Getty Images

The concert tours that have made this list have done so on, not just the strength of the fans' devotion to their favorite band, but on the hard work the performers themselves put in travelling the globe on one tour for up to three years at a time. It is a rarefied act that can pack in the audiences at the giant arenas needed to support a tour of this length and expense.

Of course ticket prices play a part in where these acts ended up on this list. With seats that can cost $200 or more per ticket, that ups the gross of the tour overall. These are, for now, the Top 10 Highest Grossing Concert Tours Of All Time. Who do you think will be the next band or musician to crack this list? Which act do you think will be the first to break $1 billion in revenue?

10. The Rolling Stones

Tour: Licks Tour

Date: 2002-2003

Shows: 115

Total Audience: 3,470,945

Gross: $311,000,000

9. The Rolling Stones

Tour: Voodoo Lounge Tour

Date: 1994-1995

Shows: 124

Total Audience: 6,336,776

Gross: $320,000,000

8. Bruce Springsteen

Tour: Wrecking Ball World Tour

Date: 2012-2013

Shows: 127

Total Audience: 3,650,535

Gross: $347,000,000

7. The Police

Tour: The Police Reunion Tour

Date: 2007-2008

Shows: 156

Total Audience: 3,300,912

Gross: $362,000,000

6. U2

Tour: Vertigo Tour

Date: 2005-2006

Shows: 131

Total Audience: 4,616,021

Gross: $389,047,636

5. Madonna

Tour: Sticky and Sweet Tour

Date: 2008-2009

Shows: 85

Total Audience: 3,545,899

Gross: $408,000,000

4. AC/DC

Tour: Black Ice World Tour

Date: 2008-2010

Shows: 167

Total Audience: 4.846.965

Gross: $441,121,000

3. Roger Waters

Tour: The Wall Live Tour

Date: 2010-2013

Shows: 219

Total Audience: 4,129,863

Gross: $458,673,798

2. Rolling Stones

Tour: Bigger Bang Tour

Date: 2005-2007

Shows: 144

Total Audience: 4,680,000

Gross: $558,255,524

1. U2

Tour: Us 360° Tour

Date: 2009-2011

Shows: 110

Total Audience: 7.272.046

Gross: $736,421,584

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