The 10 Countries With the Highest Minimum Wage

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The last decade has been financially rough around the world.  Expenses have increased, while the living wage has not.  Everyone is feeling the squeeze, and corporations across the globe have found, often unpleasant ways, to reduce their expenses.  Minimum wage standards around the world vary a great deal, and you might be surprised at how high the minimum wage is in some countries.  It can put your own minimum wage paycheck into perspective… and possibly spur a decision to relocate immediately.  Here are the 10 Countries with the Highest Minimum Wage annually in US dollars.

10.  Switzerland – $15, 457 per year

9. San Marino – $15,707 per year

8.  New Zealand – $16,462 per year

7.  Canada – $16,710 per year

6.  France – $17,108 per year

5.  United Kingdom – $18,428.24 per year

4.  Belgium – $18,813 per year

3.  Ireland – $18,965 per year

2.  Luxembourg – $19,426 per year

1.  Netherlands – $23,029 per year

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