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Kelsey Grammer wants to split custody of his children. In a letter from his attorney sent to his ex Camille's lawyer states that Kelsey wants custody of son Jude, and Mom can keep custody of daughter Mason. Kelsey has denied wanting to divide up the kids, however this letter proves his true intent. It even states that 6-year-old Jude would live with him in Chicago and attend school there.

Sean Kingston is awake, alert and his condition is improving everyday. The singer has been hospitalized since his Jet Ski accident last Sunday. He is still on a breathing tube and can not talk but he has made a big improvement. Doctors expect him to remain in the hospital another couple of weeks.

TNA Wrestling has warned Chyna that, if her recent porn tape gets released she will be banned from wrestling forever. The hardcore tape is set to be released later this month, Chynas states; "The whole thing has been constant drama … it's all good in the end … [TNA Wrestling] is missing the boat."

Jay-Z is doing a total revamp of his 40/40 Club in Manhattan, and just to insure everything is perfect he has appointed his personal chef Mike Shand, in charge of the menu. Mike has been cooking Jay-Z's meals for many years, and has already packed the menu with some of Z's favorites.

Tito Ortiz likes to have nude photos of him on his cell phone, however he denies uploading them to his Twitter page. Tito claims this is the work of a hacker who somehow broke into his phone and uploaded the photos to his personal sharing website, which is connected to his Twitter page.

Rihanna's new top 10 music video is under fire from the Parents Television Council. This angry group of parents wants the video banned from BET because it contains a brutal murder scene. However BET states they will not remove the video "Man Down" because it passes their guidelines and was approved for Television.

Frank Sinatra was addicted to alcohol and obsessed with cleanliness. According to Barbara Sinatra's new memoir: "Lady Blue Eyes: My Life with Frank" about her 22 year marriage to the legendary singer. He would take up to 12 showers a day, and when he drank Gin he became so mean, she would lock herself in her room so she would not have to deal with him.

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