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Tracy Morgan's homophobic act in Nashville did not please the crowd, Morgan received Boos and several people in attendance got up and walked out. According to one of the people present at the Ryman Auditorium Morgan's entire act was filled with offensive gay jokes … explaining, "It was the worst thing I've ever heard … so not funny." This is on the tail end of another flop on June 3rd which ignited a firestorm of controversy — after he "joked" that he would "stab" his son for acting gay.

Jesse James is under act by an anit-pitbull advocates who states that Jesse's dog should be put to sleep after his recent attack to another dog. Douglas Wolfe who is one of the leading advocates for banning pitbulls across the state of Texas states, "This attack shows that even seemingly responsible owners with the means to manage and care for their animals cannot control this unpredictable and inherently dangerous type of dog."

Matt Damon and "Office" star John Krasinski were in up state New York recently to scope out a gun shop as a possible location for an upcoming film project. The Hollywood Duo stopped by Dick's Country Store & Music Oasis in Churubusco, NY, which is a guitar/gun/grocery-selling gas station in Upstate New York.

Gloria Allred has been retained by former porn star Ginger Lee, Lee is directly involved in the online Weiner scandal with Congressman Anthony Weiner. The ex-porn star says someone is threatening her, and she has hired Allred to release a statement on her behalf: Allred says, "Ginger would like it to be known that she has not authorized any person, except me, her attorney, to issue statements on her behalf." Allred adds, "Any unauthorized statement may contain inaccuracies and should be viewed with suspicion and not published."

It seems that Lenny Dykstra's rich friends are not willing to help him out this time. Dykstra who is currently in jail on 23 felony charges. He is trying to raise $50,000 so he can post bail, but so far he and his staff have come up empty handed. Even Charlie Sheen who helped bail his friend Lenny out of trouble earlier this year will not accept phones calls from his staff for $$. Dykstra is due in court today where he will no doubt ask for a bail reduction, however due to his long history of legal trouble it is unlikely the judge will grant a reduction.

Lindsay Lohan's stalker went to visit Judge Stephanie Sautner during Lindsay's criminal case last month. David Cocordan behavior was so bizarre that extra protection was order for the Judge. Lohan currently has a restraining order against Cocordan for threats and sexual messages he sent Lindsay, he was also arrested for robbery in 2004.

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