Friday Net Worth News 5/6

By on May 6, 2011 in Articles

Mark Zuckerberg has bought a new home in Palo Alto, it is a 5,000 square foot house with 5 bedrooms, and 5 baths. Some of the home's amenities include a saltwater pool, glassed in sunroom, and outside fireplace. However the only thing spectacular about it is the price, he paid a whooping $7 million.

Eddie Cibrian doesn't want his kids to appear on "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Cibbrian will take legal action to insure his ex-wife Brandi Glanville does not put the kids on the show. Glanville says Cibrian has a double standard because the kids appeared with him and LeAnn Rimes in People magazine.

Flavor Flav is being accused of scamming his business partner out of a $30,000 check and a major fried chicken deal. Tommy Karas claims he found many investors for Flav's Las Vegas fried chicken project back in April and he was suppose to handle the financial end of the deal. However Flav went behind his back to the investors and got them to give him the check. Karas is speaking to attorneys to weigh out his legal options.

Jimi Hendrix is long gone however the battle over his music from 1969 continues. Hendrix Estate has filed a lawsuit claiming they are the rightful owners of several sound recordings from two concerts at the R.A.H. in 1969. However Jimi signed an agreement with the people who recorded the music, giving them the right to use the music in a motion picture. But Jimi passed, and the movie was never made, so now his family wants the cooperation to pay up more than $2 million in legal costs and other expenses, and give them the rights to the music.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather was not happy when some cars got ticketed parked outside his 12,000-foot mansion in Vegas. Mayweather let his frustration be known by threatening to have two security guards shot. Now he is facing a misdemeanor harassment charge. Floyd told the guards "My homies have guns. If you want me to call them, they'd come over here and take care of you." He also added These are my f**king cars. Don't touch my f**king cars."

Hilary Duff may not get to be an outlaw due to scheduling difficulties, it was rumored that the director of the upcoming movie, "The Story of Bonnie and Clyde" was searching for replacement for Duff. However according to Tonya Holly the director of the movie, she still wants Hilary to appeared in the movie and they are trying to work the schedule conflicts. Duff is cast as one of the main characters of the movie the role of outlaw Bonnie Parker.

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