How do Will Smith and Adam Sandler golf? In custom Ferrari and Bentley golf carts, obviously.

By on September 2, 2011 in ArticlesEntertainment

For big-name celebrities, it's just a big turn-off to step out of your Ferrari or Bentley at your golf club's valet, to step into some stock golf cart that had regular rich people driving it all day. Luckily, Pennwick Luxury Custom Golf Carts, based out of Utah, are here to help.

Pennwick offers several luxury and classic inspired carts, with starting prices between $15,000 and $16,000, all offering customizable options and upgrades.  The "Shadow" is styled after Rolls-Royce and the "Brooklyn" is modeled after Bentley. The "Smoothster" is a throw-back to 1930s roadsters and the "56" to 1950s pick-ups, including real cherry wood bed floor. The newest model, the "F5", is a tribute to the legendary Ferrari Enzo and has a starting price of $20,500. There are a range of custom features and upgrades offered on top of the price, but for mega-wealthy stars like Adam Sandler and Will Smith, I don't think they'll be able to spend enough.

All these custom rides have headlights, horns, side mirrors, tail lights and signal lights. A stereo package is offered along with 15″ rims. You can have any images or paint job for the exterior, including real chrome parts. Custom carpeting and seating is available in a range of fabrics, with options for designs and embroidery. Faux-prints for the seats is initially offered in vinyl, as they offer but don't recommend leather, due to weather damage. I'm now wondering if alligator skin is still waterproof after it's turned into seats… You can go for a hard top or have any model outfitted with either 2, 4 or 6 seats.  Golf bag holders can of course be attached, but I personally wouldn't want to ruin the look. I'd just have my caddy carry my clubs in another cart. Just imagine the horror of seeing a roof-rack on a real Ferrari or Bentley.

For what's under the hood, you're looking at either a standard electric motor at 4hp or an upgrade to 6hp, reaching top speeds of 20mph and 25mph, respectively. If you have the need for speed they offer a 18hp motor that reaches 40mph or they can throw in a gas engine and chassis upon request. For the electric models, the charge time is 6 hours and will last around three rounds of golf per charge.

And remember, if the price is looks steep for just a golf cart, remember they aren't just for golfing. They are perfect for driving around your estate or if your yacht is big enough. Adam Sandler is known to cruise his F5 around movie studios. With a pimped-out gas powered version, you'd have the speed to take on city streets or the highway. And when you're rolling in an Ferrari or Bentley golf cart you can pretend you're a celebrity if you get pulled over to avoid a ticket.

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