The Highest Earning Actors of 2010

By on June 21, 2010 in ArticlesEntertainment

Who are the highest paid actors? The highest paid actors are very well-known Hollywood celebrities. Based on their million dollar salaries, web rank, press rank and TV rank, we get a good idea of who the real heavy hitters of the movie industry are. The list covers how much they earned, in addition to their celebrity status.

Angelina Jolie is the top spot with $27 million. Besides her performances in movies, Jolie keeps a high profile with her international charity work and relationship with fellow movie star Brad Pitt.

Coming in second is Brad Pitt's ex Jennifer Aniston (how ironic) at $25 million. Aniston continues to star in romantic comedies and keeps Hollywood watchers guessing, while staying private on her current love life.

Rounding out the weird romantic triangle is Brad Pitt, who is third on the list with $28 million in earnings. Pitt continues to star in high profile movies and is involved in international charity work with his partner Jolie, as well as focusing on the rebuilding of New Orleans.

Will Smith has long been a major box office draw: his earnings in 2009 hit $45 million. Smith has made a name as a serious actor, starring in blockbusters movies, as well as serious film roles that have earned him nominations along the way.

Adam Sandler has made a bundle over the years as a top comic star in movies. The SNL alum was worth $55 million in 2009. You may not see Sandler as much in the movies, though he will be in the upcoming Grown Ups, but he's keeping busy producing movies through his Happy Madison Productions company.

Harrison Ford is an icon of filmmaking, having starred in many major blockbusters over his long career. Even though Ford is rarely seen in films today, the films he does star in have earned him an impressive $65 million salary last year.

In case you think Tom Cruise is a no-show at the movie box office, that's definitely not true. Apparently the bad press he's gotten for his strange behavior in recent years hasn't affected him that much. Cruise made a total of $33 million for his films last year.

Tyler Perry has made a name for himself creating his own movies and earned $75 million for his efforts as a director, writer, actor and producer. Perry is obviously a smart businessman who knows to diversify when it comes to working in the film industry.

Clint Eastwood is an icon in the film industry, making his mark as both an actor and director over the years. Eastwood is selective in what he stars in nowadays, but mostly makes his own films, bringing him an income of $35 million for the year.

Tom Hanks is the brilliant everyman actor whose choices in roles are always interesting. Hanks brought in a cool $35 million last year from his work as an actor, as well as for his film and television production company Playtone. Hanks is proving to be an everyman when it comes to business diversity as well.

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