Where Do The World's Billionaires Live?

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There are 1,645 billionaires in the world and they live everywhere. They live in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. But within those continents and countries, this group of ultra-rich people tends to cluster around wealthy metropolises. The cities on the list below hold a full 34% of the world's billionaires' home bases.

Perhaps not surprisingly, New York City tops the list. As the financial capital of the world, Manhattan and the surrounding area continue to attract billionaire financiers. Other cities are popular for the lifestyle they offer, from weather to cultural amenities to good schools for billionaire offspring.

More billionaires actually call Europe home over North America. There are 775 billionaires in Europe versus 609 in North America. However, the two continents' resident billionaires' net worth are incredibly close. Europe's billionaires control a combined $2.375 trillion while North America's posses $2.371 trillion.

Asia has the third most billionaires, followed by the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, and the Pacific.

When you break it down to the population of billionaires in any given country, the U.S. has the most billionaires, followed by China, the U.K., Germany, and Russia. However, the U.S.'s population of billionaires is larger than the combined number of billionaires in China, the U.K., Germany, and Russia.

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The cities on the list below are home to 34% of the world's billionaires:

New York City

Number of Billionaires: 103


Number of Billionaires: 85

Hong Kong

Number of Billionaires: 82


Number of Billionaires: 72


Number of Billionaires: 37

Sao Paulo

Number of Billionaires: 36


Number of Billionaires: 35


Number of Billionaires: 24


Number of Billionaires: 33


Number of Billionaires: 32


Number of Billionaires: 28


Number of Billionaires: 26

Los Angeles

Number of Billionaires: 25

Shenzhen, China

Number of Billionaires: 25


Number of Billionaires: 23

Mexico City

Number of Billionaires: 21


Number of Billionaires: 21


Number of Billionaires: 21


Number of Billionaires: 21

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Number of Billionaires: 20

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