What's The Biggest Opening For A Karate Kid Movie?

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Mr. Miyagi teaches kids to become karate masters, but the Karate Kid films are not always masters in the box office dojo.  The sequels to the classic Karate Kid have ranged from kicking ass to getting their ass kicked, from #1 openers to getting crane kicked out of the top 5.  So what's the biggest opening for a Karate Kid movie? Here's a list in order of low to high box office:

5. The Next Karate Kid – August 12, 1994 – $3.7M adjusted

Hilary Swank, in her first major role, was the new on-screen pupil of Mr. Miyagi.  However, she got her leg swept out from under her, taking only $2.6M her first weekend out and opening at #7.

4. The Karate Kid – June 22, 1984 – $10.5M adjusted

The original film punched its way to $5M at the box office on opening weekend, and went on to achieve $90.8M domestic.  It was critically acclaimed and earned an Academy Award nomination for Pat Morita.

3. The Karate Kid, Part III – June 30, 1989 – $17.7M adjusted

Ralph Macchio was a little old to be playing a karate "kid" at this point.  The third installment waxed off to just $10.3M on opening weekend, a disappointment.

2. The Karate Kid, Part II – June 20, 1986 – $24.M adjusted

Though it was chopped-up by critics, the sequel did bigger business than the original, scoring $12.6M and taking its weekend by force at #1.

1. The Karate Kid – June 13, 2010 – $56M

The new karate kid doesn't actually know karate – new master Mr. Han (Jackie Chan) teaches pupil Dre (Jaden Smith) kung fu instead – but the film surprised everyone by beating out A-Team and taking a whopping $56 million at the box office.  In the battle of the 80s remakes, it helps to know karate kung fu.

Which Karate Kid movie is your favorite?


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