What Would You Do If Money Was No Object?

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What Would You Do If Money Was No Object? The first answer that pops into my head is "Kate Upton" but something tells me that might not be enough. Joking aside, most of us spend a lot of time fantasying about the short term benefits of winning the lottery, like quitting your job and taking a dream vacation, but almost no time thinking about what to do in the long run if suddenly money didn't matter. The reality is, at some point the excitement and novelty of being extremely rich will wear off and you'll need to make a plan for the rest of your life. At some point you will have bought all your dream cars and mansions and traveled to every exotic location in the world. As impossible as this is for me to fathom today, at some point even waking up next to Kate Upton every morning would become normal and, possibly even boring.

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The reason this is such an important question, even for people who may never win the lottery, is because the answer may have a profound impact on how you choose to live your life right now. If you know exactly what you'd do if money was no object, why not go out and start doing it TODAY? For example, if your dream life consists of sitting on a beach all day in Thailand, why not move there tomorrow and start? It would only cost a few thousand dollars to buy a plane ticket and start living your dream life in Thailand, so why are you working all day pushing papers and answering pointless emails at a job that makes you miserable?

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Obviously, life is sometimes not as simple as moving to Thailand on a whim. We have families, friends, pets, car payments, apartments etc… On the other hand, if you're reading this right now and don't have any kids, pets, car payments, debts or other major long term commitment, you have zero excuse to not go out and make your dreams a reality. For everyone else, no matter how complicated your life is, I guarantee there is a version of it that would make you 1000 times happier if you found something you truly loved doing. The other benefit of this philosophy is that by doing what you makes you happy, you'll be much more likely to get very good at this chosen profession and therefore may end up getting paid tons of money to do it! If you love to cook, do whatever it takes to make that your purpose in life. The quality will shine through and eventually you may find yourself making millions of dollars a year off a chain restaurants that bare your name.

Unfortunately, figuring out what you would really do if money was no object is not as easy as it sounds. You'll need to really reflect on the question and spend some time having an honest inner conversation about your deep desires, hopes, goals and dreams. To get started, take three minutes out of your day today and watch the video below. It's a lecture that was given by a British Philosopher named Alan Watts who lived from 1915 – 1973. Watts was one of the first people to bring Eastern philosophies to Western minds and thanks to the internet, his lectures have gained a massive following even 40 years after his death. His lecture on life, money and happiness is a personal favorite:

What If Money Was No Object?

After you've watched the video above, let us know in the comments what you would do if money suddenly became no object. And remember, Kate Upton is taken.

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