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The Situation and his dad have settled their differences outside of court. Frank Sorrentino has agreed to stop using the "Jersey Shore" star's name, image and likeness to make a buck. Frank accepts some of the blame however it also says he was exploited by a "con artist" named Robert Fletcher who wanted to cause a family feud.

Joe Rogan recently agreed to once again host the resurrected TV series "Fear Factor" for NBC. Rogan was joking when he said it was all about the money, and even commented that he would have hosted the show for free. He went on to say "Parts of it are fun … parts of it are f**king boring … but as far as regular jobs go, it f**king ROCKS."

Gary Dourdan star of CSI has been ducking the insurance company of a woman whose vehicle he wrecked. Gary hit TWO parked cars around 3:30 AM on June 13 and the cops say they found ecstasy on Gary and arrested him for possession. Currently Dourdan does not have any criminal charges against him, however that could change when the DA is assigned the case.

John Lennon's former publicist and close friend Elliot Mintz says it is all BS, Fred Seaman's claim that John was "embarrassed" by the lyrics to "Imagine" Mintz's statement; "From the time I met John in 1971, until the end, all of those things he expressed in 'Imagine' were part of his belief system until the last breath of his life."

Frank McCourt signed a lot of rubber payroll checks that bounced all the way back from the bank. The L.A. Dodgers who recently filed for bankruptcy protection now say checks for some game day staff members did indeed bounce, but checks were reissued Wednesday.

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