Villanova Law School Grad Earned Tuition By Being A Sugar Baby

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Well, this is one way to do it, I suppose. "Candi" is a recent graduate of Villanova Law School and she's debt free! The lucky new attorney did it the old fashioned way. Nope, not by having Mom and Dad write the checks. She didn't go out and get a bartending gig either. Candi found herself a sugar daddy to finance her law degree. In the end, she graduated without student loan debt and with a few years experience travelling all over the world on the arms of older, wealthy men. Like we said, that's one way to do it.

Candi came to the decision to find herself a sugar daddy rather pragmatically. During her first year of law school she became concerned over the $50,000 in tuition, rent, and expenses that she'd have to either pay or finance with loans. That $50k was after her scholarship was applied. Candice was young, beautiful, and intelligent, so she put those wiles to use and checked out a dating website that connected women looking for a little help with men willing to provide that help in exchange for companionship and sex. She sought the age old sugar daddy/sugar baby setup, naturally.

Now, Candi is graduating debt free, while some of her classmates face student loan debt in the six-figure range.

Candi is not alone. The cost of tuition and rent – especially on urban campuses – is on the rise and more and more students are turning to less traditional ways of financing their educations. Whereas, a generation ago, a young woman might turn to stripping to help fund her nursing degree, and a decade ago, a gal might turn to webcam work, a growing number of today's co-eds are looking for sugar daddies to fund their educations.

That said, sugar daddy websites are a fairly new phenomenon. Being a sugar baby is not prostitution – technically. There is an expectation of material benefit for both parties, but sex isn't a guarantee.

Of course, the proliferation of the Internet and the public's increasing comfort with online dating has made these "relationships" much easier to arrange.

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Candi said that she looked at many different profiles of potential sugar daddies before finding a man she clicked with. She has had very positive experiences in this relationship and considers her sugar daddy one of her best friends. Of course, the monthly allowance he provides Candi with helps her pay her tuition and expenses. It's a win-win for the two of them.

Across the U.S., undergraduate students are finishing their degrees with an average of $35,000 in student loan debt. That figure has risen steadily every singly year. Graduate students add $75,000 onto that figure, on average. Some longer programs – such as a PhD programs or medical school – add much more debt. Sadly, for many students, their scholarships, loans, and financial aid packages don't cover all of their expenses.

Sites like Craigslist,, and give struggling students an option. is most popular in Los Angeles and New York where the average rent is well over $2,000 a month. At students receive a free premium membership, which usually costs $30 a month. Sugar daddies are charged $70 to $180 a month, depending on the membership level. revealed that enrollment doubles in August and January, when tuition is typically due.

Since the original AP article on Candi hit the wire, she has taken down her profile on the sugar daddy site. However, it formerly read:

"Candi is a recent law school graduate who had her tuition paid in full through the success she found on SeekingArrangement. As a pampered Sugar Baby, she enjoys shopping trips, spa days, and luxurious vacations. Candi has had many beneficial arrangements and will continue being a fabulous Sugar Baby as she pursues her career."

We have to wonder how potential law firms will feel about Candi's extra curricular activities, now that she has gone public so boldly. But maybe Ms. Candi has set her sights on Hollywood celebrity. She has set up a Facebook page to further her career aspirations.

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