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Snooki's wrestling career is over, she says that she has too many things going on right now to focus on her wrestling. That is too bad considering the crowd was amazed by her crazy backflip attack last weekend at Wrestlemania.

Katie Couric will be replaced as anchor for the "CBS Evening News" by Scott Pelley. Pelly is a veteran journalist and "60 Minutes" correspondent, CBS wants Couric to do a syndicated show at the network as well as maintain a presence at CBS News, no answer yet from Katie.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy drops Kristie Alley on last night's segment of Dancing with the Stars. We mean this literally. Chmerkovskiy a champion ballroom dancer suffered a Charlie horse and the pain was so bad he dropped Kristie right on her butt. Was it his leg…or does Kristie need more Jenny Craig?

Simon Barney's ex wife Tamra was seen at the Cabo San Lucas a bar in Mexico. Tamra Barney, a Season 3 to Season 6 cast member of "The Real Housewives of Orange County", put on a show for the all patrons to see by letting her boy friend Eddie Judge do a body shot off her, it took awhile!

The Game lost his tricked out Corvette to the repo man, apparently the leased expired on the car while The Game was away on tour and did not return it on time. So they sent the repo man, The Game gave up the ride willingly and he didn't seem to care and he stated "I got SO many whips!"

Evelyn Lozada is happy with the deal she made with VH1 to stay on board for Season 3 of "Basketball Wives" All she needed to stay on the show was an apology from the Producers, oh ya and a DOUBLED SALARY! Yea that will seal the deal!

Corey Feldman has proven he will put his name on anything, especially the right but check of a pretty young fan. Corey scribbled the message: "To Heather, with all my love, Corey Feldman" she will never shower again!

Nate Dogg's teenage sons have decided they want to be part of the music industry like their father. 15-year-old Naijiel and 18-year-old Lil Nate are getting ready to launch their music career with some help from "Uncle Snoop."

Christopher Walken is probably not happy with what his look alike was caught doing. The 68-year-old man was accused of trying to abduct a 19-year-old female college student at Rider University last week, and now Tony A. Kadyhrob was banned from the campus, but rumor has it he was seen near the university again on Friday.

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