Todays Net Worth News 3/17/11

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Gallagher is in danger of losing his LA home to foreclosure, so the comic is selling a lot of his props to try and make enough cash to keep hi house. Gallagher says he is feeling fine after suffering a heart attack on stage last week and can't wait to get back to work.

Kelly Clarkson went to battle against Best Buy after the store refused to sell her iPods for her orphan charity drive. The store quoted some none existing policy that limits the number of ipods that can be sold to an individual customer. After she posted on Facebook what happened she got a reply from BB saying they were sorry and she was allowed to purchase the ipods and BB donated a bunch more to her charity.

Mel Gibson went to the police station last night for his booking; he was giving one week to comply with the order from Judge Stephanie Sautner in his criminal battery case. He has his mug shot taken and he was fingerprinted.

Vanessa Hudgens might not be the only celebrity to have her pictures hacked, she met with the FBI today to discuss the case of nude pictures of her being hacked from her gmail account. And it looks like there could be around 50 stars that have had the same type of invasion.

Harvey Levin has produced a new music video for the charity Pet Orphans and Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue. Paul Anka helped him record the tracks for a song he wrote in 1968 called "My Way"; the song is available for purchase on itunes.

Ryan Phillippe is not happy about Alexis Knapp who claims to be carrying his baby telling the media that she is broke and not getting any financial help from Ryan, when in fact he has been paying her expenses. The two has a deal that if he paid she wouldn't talk to the media.

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