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Donald Trump was roasted last evening on the "Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump", among the celebs that attended the roast was The Situation, whose jokes were so terrible that they had to be cut from the live broadcast. He made racial stabs at Snoop Dogg, and ignored boos from the crowd until he was finished with all his crappy jokes.

Nate Dogg a Hip-hop star died yesterday at the young age of 41, he had been battling with health related problems since his first stroke in 2007. Snoop Dogg posted on Twitter "We lost a true legend n hip hop n rnb. One of my best friends n a brother to me since 1986 when I was a sophomore at poly high where we met."

Pawn Stars got a visit yesterday from the U.S. Air Force Special Investigations Unit. They wanted to see the AIM-120 AMRAAM missile guidance system and missile parts the guys purchased just last week. The agents were sent there is make such the unit was no longer active, and also be sure it did not contain any important information. They also ask questions about the woman who sold the unit to the pawn stars.

Suge Knight was in a Las Vegas casino early Saturday morning, and got into a fistfight with a little man, about half his size. No one was arrested during the incident which was broke up by police, but it seems that little guy said "I can take you." Which made Suge Knight angry.

Zac Efron showed off his wash board abs in Manhattan Beach the other day, while riding a skateboard. He was dressed in shorts and an opened shirt that wound up in his back pocket.

Oksana Grigorieva waits anxiously while her lawyer's battle it out in family court with Mel Gibson. Her lawyers are trying to get 3 things for her from Judge Scott Gordon, 1. She wants Mel to see a shrink. 2. She wants a hearing to determine if Mel actually hit her. 3. She wants sole custody.

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