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Lindsay Lohan is ready to sign a contract to star in the upcoming movie about the life of John Gotti. This will be Lindsay first gig seen being released from Rehab; she will portray the Mafioso's daughter Victoria. It is rumored that John Travolta will play the role of Gotti, no word what Lohan will earn for this movie, but maybe she can start BUYING her Jewelry!

Amanda Bynes lost her little companion Angel yesterday, however Lil Jon gave the little dog a fine tribute by singing a farewell song, for the dog to RIP. Angel was only 4 months old.

Tiger Woods may have lost his family, endorsement deals, and his competitive golf edge, but he has gained a HUGE HOT DOG. This GIGANTIC hot dog named "Tiger Homewrecker" is very popular at the "Somewhere in Augusta" sports bar in Georgia. This dog has just as many toppings as Tiger did affairs. The "Tiger Homewrecker" features a 12″ all-beef Nathan's hot dog stuffed with cheese, wrapped with bacon, and deep-fried. And if that isn't enough … it's also topped off with a generous helping of chili, onions, and more cheese. A whole week's worth of calories for the low price of only $14.95.

Mickey Rooney has dropped the restraining order against his stepson. Rooney and Chris Aber have reached some sort of settlement, of which no details have been released. The 90-year-old actor was afraid that he would be kidnap if he didn't sign over all his assets to the stepson. It is rumored that Aber's part of the agreement is he would leave Rooney alone and stay away from the actor's house.

Lil Webbie and his friends were caught speeding in Tennessee Monday morning, and that's not all they also had two ounces of marijuana, $13,000 in cash, and a loaded revolver. They may have got off with just a speeding ticket, however one of the passengers decided to toss the pot out the window, and the police officers noticed. Everyone was arrested, and Lil Webbie was held on $21,000 bond.

Drake a Canadian recording artist/rapper and actor was shocked to hear he was scheduled in May to perform two shows at the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA. The whole thing was some kind of scam by a well to do con, the shows have been canceled and tickets have been refunded. Drake is currently working on a new album and is not touring at this time.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin gave a big thumbs up when he was asked what he thought about The Rock's return to wrestling. The Rock recently made a comeback appearance at WrestleMania. Austin stated The Rock is one of his "favorite opponents of all time.

Tito Ortiz wasn't happy with just one crash so he had to do it again. Tito was participating in a practice run for the 2011 "Fueled by Fame" Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race yesterday, when he crashed his car two times. First he sped his car into a wall—and then smashed into the rear bumper of another car. He will need to get a new car for the race in Long Beach on April 16.

Glenn Beck says he will "transition off his daily program" on the Fox News Channel. Fox stated the final episode of Beck's show "Glenn Beck" will air "later this year." Beck and Fox News "will work together to develop and produce a variety of television projects for air on the FOX News Channel as well as content for other platforms including FOX News' digital properties."

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