There's A Very Simple Reason Dave Chappelle Just Released Two Netflix Specials… MONEY!!! Lots And Lots Of Money…

By on March 22, 2017 in ArticlesEntertainment

Last night, Netflix released the first of Dave Chappelle's highly anticipated comedy specials. To everyone's surprise, Netflix actually released a second Chappelle comedy special at the same time. The first special "Dave Chappelle: The Age of Spin" was a more official Netflix production that was filmed a year ago at The Palladium in LA. The second "surprise" special was filmed by Dave himself at a theater in Austin, Texas two years ago. It was essentially a tape that Dave had laying around that Netflix agreed to buy.

When Dave was on Jimmy Kimmel last night he was asked about the second special:

Jimmy: "We're very, very excited that you put out these comedy specials. Thirteen years: Like a locust, you have returned with these. Why did you decide to put two of them out?"

Dave: "Money."

And he wasn't kidding! As you have probably read (hopefully on CelebrityNetWorth), Netflix reportedly paid Dave $60 million for the rights to air three of his specials. So, we still have one more on the way. Below is the segment from last night's Kimmel, it's pretty funny. Dave even talks about how he feels today knowing that people can find out how much money he has (which I sort of think is a reference to CNW, but obviously I'm biased):

And btw, I watched the first special last night. It did not disappoint. Dave touches on everything from OJ Simpson to Bill Cosby. And his story about attending a Kevin Hart special with his 12 year old son had me on the floor. I plan on watching the second special tonight.

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