How Travel Like A Billionaire Without Actually Being One

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Welcome to the first edition of the Celebrity Net Worth Summer Travel Guide! In this issue, we're going to pretend we are billionaires and plan some fun private yacht, luxury hotel, and private jet adventures with a catch – we don't actually have the money to back up our billionaire vacation plans. However, we've been able to figure out how to travel like a billionaire on the cheap and we're sharing that info with you, our dedicated readers.

First, let's look at yachts. Every self-respecting billionaire has one. If you want to live or at least travel like a billionaire, you're going to need a yacht. You don't have to have the bank accounts of an A-list celebrity like Leo DiCaprio or a tech founder like Sergey Brin to bask in the sunshine on the bow of a super yacht. You can actually book space on a yacht for around $70 a night. How? Read and learn grasshopper…



A site called is sort of like Airbnb for luxury yachts. There are hundreds of sick yachts to choose from all over the world. On most of them, you will find yourself being waited on hand and foot, in the manner in which you would like to become accustomed. Booking a yacht works much like Airbnb – once you register, you can pick your dates, specify the number of people, set up your method of payment, and book the yacht. Owners have 48 hours to accept or reject your request. One catch: You won't be sailing the seven seas. The boats are docked during your stay. However, you can still walk around the yacht like you own the place!

If you're not a seafaring sort (even docked), there are always luxury hotels to make you feel like you've got billions in your bank account. Fortunately, there's a huge nimber of rooms in the luxury hotels of the world and plenty of unsold rooms that are offered at deep discounts. Luxury hotels also offer some pretty cool perks. The Four Seasons in Florence, Italy, offers guests exclusive dining on the Ponte Vecchio, for instance. In Amsterdam, one big luxury hotel sends interested guests on a guided tour of the city with one of Vincent Van Gogh's descendants. Both of these packages (including your room) cost just over $200 USD a night. Discounts can also be scored by traveling mid week or off-season. Even if the Riviera Maya says that April is their "rainy season," it typically only rains for an hour and even then most of the time while the sun is still shining. Both of those strategies can pay off in less expensive luxury accommodations.

Traveling to and from your vacation can often be a pain in the butt. Airports are crowded, TSA lines are long, and you have to mix with the common folks. That's definitely not how a billionaire travels. For as little as $150, you can be driven via luxury automobile to the steps of your own private jet and fly to a nearby destination – like San Francisco from Los Angeles or Paris from London. There are a number of sites and companies that offer these deals. In fact, a recent Travelzoo deal touted a private jet from Los Angeles to San Francisco for just $99 each way. Of course, a longer flight would be more expensive but not necessarily out of your budget. The key is to book an empty leg. Let's say a private jet flew from Denver to Houston. It would need to get back to Denver, and you and your friends might be able to grab that leg inexpensively and jet off for some fun in the Mile High City.

We hope you've found these tips helpful. We should all get to live like a billionaire once in awhile. Treat yo' self, right?

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