The Ten Most Expensive AdWords Keywords Per Click

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This is kind of interesting. You're probably familiar with Google AdWords even if you don't know the name. It's the software that shows you advertisements in your search results on Google based on the keywords in your search. For instance, if you do a search for "hotels" on Google, you're going to get advertisements for nearby hotels.

Google makes billions of dollars a year.

Google makes billions of dollars a year./ Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

It seems simple, but have you ever thought about which search terms would be the most valuable for companies? Since much of Google's (substantial) profits comes from revenue generated through AdWords, you can bet that they have. And they charge accordingly – the more searches a given keyword gets (that are relevant to the desired advertising), the more valuable that keyword is on AdSense. How Google actually calculates these prices is anyone's guess as the value of each word doesn't exactly correspond to its place on the list of keywords with the highest number of searches, but it's certain that Google's accountants of tabulated these prices so as to maximize profits for everyone involved.

Below you can read the top 10 most expensive Google AdWords along with their "CPC." "CPC" stands for "cost per click," or the amount Google gets every time you click on an ad associated with these keywords. Most of the words on the list are for typical big-ticket purchases like insurance or cars so it makes perfect sense that they would grab a high price on Google. The data comes from a company called WordStream, which deals with the world of search engine advertising revenue and so on. So without further ado, here are the 10 most expensive words in Google AdWords:

10. "Degree"- $40.61 per click

9. – "Donate" $42.02 per click

8. – "Recovery" $42.03 per click

7. – "Conference Call" $42.05 per click

6. – "Lawyer" $42.51 per click

5. – "Loans" $44.28 per click

4. – "Claim" $45.51 per click

3. – "Mortgage" $47.12 per click

2. – "Gas/Electricity" $54.62 per click

1. – "Insurance" $54.91 per click

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