These Stars Have Crazy Amenities In Their Homes!

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MTV Cribs was the official TV show for celebrities to show off their luxury lifestyle, cars, expensive gear and homes. Almost all the A-list celebs made an appearance on the show and millions of viewers watched as these stars took them on a tour of their lavish homes – some even had elevators in their mansions and custom amenities that you couldn't even imagine. Since these millionaires have money to waste, their houses are usually decked out with home theaters, basketball courts, word-class spas, and other unique features. Here are some celebrity homes with wild amenities in their million dollar mansions.

Neil Patrick Harris – Magic Man Cave

Neil Patrick Harris has a California home that is valued at $2.99 million. In an attempt to satisfy his fondness for magic, Harris built a unique room called the "magic man cave," which is a place for entertainment with magic trick items and other accessories. Of course, he also has the typical theater and backyard pizza over in his home.

Michael Jordan – Basketball Court

As expected, the Chicago Bulls legend reportedly has the most expensive home in Chicago, Illinois, located in the exclusive Highland Park neighborhood. It's also not a surprise that his $21 million dollar mansion has a customized basketball court and other amenities such as a chef in the kitchen and an enormous amount of land.

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LeBron James – Screening Room

He recently made a debut in the film Trainwreck with Amy Schumer and Bill Hader. His love for movies prompted him to invest in a custom-made theatre in his Miami home. His theater boasts leather seats, food trays, surround sound, cup holders and dimmed lights for him and guests to enjoy. In addition, the ceiling trim is a striking dark wood, which sets the tone for movie buffs.

Catherine Deneuve – Moat

This rich French actress is no stranger to the lavish life obviously with a stunning moat surrounding her house. Sitting on a body of water, it looks like a gray stone and white castle – it went on sale for $3.2 million in late 2014. Another astonishing thing about her house is the massive 44 acres of land. She has also updated her home with a swimming pool and a "relaxation room".

Jennifer Lopez – Putting Green

We are surprised to hear that Jennifer Lopez is a huge fan of golf. She loves it so much that she designed her own putting green. What's also amazing is its location – on the rooftop of her penthouse. The $22 million Manhattan estate is just one of many places to relax for Lopez, since she has many more properties with an enormous net worth of $300 million.

Lady Gaga – Bowling Alley

Pop star Lady Gaga's $23 million Malibu estate features a one of a kind bowling alley, which she uses mainly to practice her bowling skills. Her gated Mediterranean-style villa also features a uniquely structured living and dining room and a bocce ball court.  An eight-horse stable, a dressage ring and a guest cottage keep her pretty busy and entertained in her 10,270-square-foot house. With a net worth of $250 million, it's not very surprising that the American pop singer-songwriter can afford to transform her house into an amusement park!

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