Let Me Guess… All These Ugly Dudes Are Extremely Rich. Right?

By on March 5, 2014 in ArticlesEntertainment

Not gonna lie, being a rich guy would be a lot of fun. You get to live in a huge multi-million dollar mansion, drive a fleet of exotic sports cars, fly around on private jets and perhaps best of all you get to date hot young women. Even if a rich guy is rather unattractive he can still date extremely beautiful women. You may have witnessed this phenomenon in person at your local night club, car dealership or sporting event. Sometimes however, these rich guys are not so easy to point out which is why we here at CelebrityNetWorth have come up with a fun little game that we like to call "Spot the Rich guy". It's like Where's Waldo with older wealthy guys. So sit back, get your score card ready and see if you can Spot the Rich Guy in these photos!

So how'd you do? Did you spot all the rich guys??? Do you have a good Spot the Rich Guy photo? Email it to us at [email protected] Stay tuned later this week for another round of SPOT THE RICH GUY!!!

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