Richest Scientologists

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Scientology has been in the news yet again lately after a new book was released that includes some damning new claims about the "religion". Lawrence Wright's new book "Going Clear – Scientology, Hollywood and the Prison of Belief" is not sitting well with the church's leader David Miscavige, his best friend Tom Cruise. Wright's book claims that Miscavige has an unhealthy obsession with keeping Cruise happy. Miscavige will allegedly do whatever it takes to please the church's most famous star. This obsession (allegedly) involved using "slave labor" to build a custom luxury bus for Cruise. Secret emails purportedly show that scientology members were forced to spend over 9000 hours working on the custom bus which was meant to be a gift for Cruise. Wright goes on to claim that workers at Scientology's "Gold Base" compound are forced to work inhumane hours for less than minimum wage while living in rundown barracks. When Cruise and his family visit Gold Base, they stay in a luxurious mansion with private chefs and a staff of people who cater to their every whim. Wright's most controversial claim is that Miscavige and other Scientology honchos auditioned various women to be Cruise's new wife before finally settling on Katie Holmes. The book also claims that Scientology has raised a $1 billion war chest to help expand their cause. Crazy stuff…

The Richest Scientologists

Richest Scientologists
Richest Scientologists/ PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU/AFP/Getty Images
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