Rent Lady Gaga's Old New York Apartment

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Definitely a step down from the $25,000 a month Bel Air mansion Lady Gaga's renting now, but for $1,850 a month, you can live like Gaga! (Before she became a fame monster) This was the apartment Anderson Cooper and Lady Gaga visited on an episode of 60 Minutes, but were turned away because the current tenant had the flu.

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Found in Manhattan, this is where Lady Gaga lived for three years after dropping out of New York University. Here is where she started on her path to superstar status. Working as a song writer, starting her own band and experimenting with stage shows and go-go dancing. She was signed and dropped from several labels in New York, before moving to Los Angeles to release her debut album, "The Fame" and you've all heard the rest.

Lady Gaga was unable to afford her Lower East Side apartment to chase her dreams so her father helped pay her rent. Now that she has a net worth in the 9-figure range and made over $90 million in the last year, she is said to pay up to half her earnings to her dad for managing her companies.

If you want to live in the former Stefani Germanotta's pre-Gaga one bedroom apartment, you'll be treated to "French-style doors, a marble bath and kitchenette" (according to the rental ad). The pics show that the French doors and marble bath are a bit on the budget side compared to the ones found in Lady Gaga's Bel Air mansion.

Located close to the Lower East Side's club and party scene, it's perfect for any aspiring Fame Monsters. So quit school, pack your bags and put down a deposit on Gaga's old rental apartment! And you too could be on your way to fame and fortune!

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