Putting Fake Poop On A Lamborghini Prank Goes Horribly Wrong

By on September 30, 2014 in ArticlesEntertainment

At first, I thought this prank was gonna be so obviously a fake setup. Keep in mind, I spent seven years working at a viral video website where my job was to watch hundreds and hundreds of homemade "pranks" every week, then sift out the real ones to post on the homepage. Take it from me, many of the pranks you see on the internet are completely fake. And the video you are about to see definitely smells fake at first. But when you see how it ends, I think you'll change your mind…

Here's the back story: Two foreign dudes on holiday are driving down a highway somewhere in America. Suddenly, an old guy in a Lamborghini cuts them off and flips them the bird. So the foreign guys did what anyone would do. They followed the Lambo to a shopping mall parking lot, waited for the owner to come out of a store, and pretended he "caught" them pooping on his hood. Based on what happens next, these guys will probably will probably think twice before pranking people in America again:

And if you still don't believe it's real, check out the extra footage:

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