Rich People In Singapore Park Their Ferraris In The Living Room

By on September 5, 2014 in ArticlesEntertainment

What's the hardest part about owning a Ferrari and a Lamborghini? Absolutely nothing. Ok, I guess if we forced at gun point to choose a single downside to owning a couple of $200 thousand super cars, it might be that you don't get to drool and stare at them all day long. It kind of sucks that most rich people who are lucky enough to own one of these gorgeous pieces of art, has to hide them in a garage. Even Jay Leno, who has a $50 million car collection, needs to take an elevator from his bedroom down to three storey garage in order to view his beauties. That just seems pre-historic! Fortunately, the good people of Singapore have solved this problem once and for all…

A new luxury high rise in Singapore called Hamilton Parks allows residents to drive their exotic cars directly on to an elevator which whisks their ride 30 storeys up straight to the owner's living room. Pressing your thumb onto the biometrically controlled sensor tells the elevator exactly where to deliver your cargo and the rest is magic. Not only does this allow you to keep an eye on the precious cars at all times, it also puts them on proper display for you and all your guests to appreciate. Apartments cost $15 – $25 million and the penthouse units can hold four cars in the living room instead of the standard two. The building has a gym, multiple swimming pools and jacuzzis but all that pales in comparison to the living room garage. Fun fact – Singapore is home to more exotic car owners per capita than anywhere else in the world!

You must watch this video of how the living room garages work. It will blow your mind:

I wonder what happens if you pull up to the elevator in a 1987 Honda Accord. Do you think the garage spits the car back out in disgust? Or refuses to lift it on principal? These living rooms also remind me a bit of Ferris Bueller. I hope whoever lives in this building doesn't have a moody son named Cameron!

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