An Open Letter to Roseanne Barr From CelebrityNetWorth

By on August 11, 2012 in ArticlesEntertainment

Dear Roseanne, apparently you were upset about an article we posted titled "Millionaire Roseanne Barr Wants to Behead Rich People". Well, hopefully you weren't too angry, and if you were, please recall the fact that you're worth $80 million and that should cheer you up. How do we know you were upset? Because exactly 14 minutes after we posted the article, you tweeted the following rant at our account:

"@celebnetworth you lying piece of shit- i said guilty bankers, not non guilty ones! not all rich people r guilty including me- u commie"


When you have a moment I would like to pose some follow up questions:

1) My first question is in regards to your twitter handle. When you first started tweeting, were there really so many other impostor Roseannes that you needed to qualify yourself as TheREALRoseanne? Were fake Roseannes a big problem in the twitterverse? I can see why some celebrities like Christina Aguilera or Ryan Higa might need to use "TheReal" in their usernames. They probably had hundreds of poseurs out tweeting up a storm of fakery. But was that really a concern for you? I'd go so far as to say that when you joined twitter on March 28, 2011 (just 188 days ago) that the username @roseannebarr was probably available. Honestly @roseanne might have been too. I literally have never met any woman named Roseanne since your show aired. In fact, you may have ruined that name for decades, much like Hitler did to the name Adolf. Speaking of Hitler, what is going on in these photos and why do they show up after a very basic google image search for your name?

2) I just cant get over the fact that you are calling for people to be killed for making money legally in The United States. It's especially ironic that in your tweet you called me a "commie" when you are the one calling for wealth re-distribution and the public execution of the rich. Please take a step back and re-evaluate your rhetoric. It's ok to be upset about something, do not publicly call for someone to be put to death.

3) If you really wanted to kill someone for taking advantage of lower and middle class Americans why dont we start with whoever created a little television show "Roseanne". It is mind boggling to me that there was a period in America where your show was on the air for 9 seasons. Even more mind-blowing is the fact that it was the most watched show on TV two years in a row! While I was not a fan of Roseanne, I actually commend and respect you for making such a massive fortune by creating something from nothing. You found an audience that made you extremely rich and somehow still relevant more than 15 years later. You are the poster child for someone who went from rags to riches thanks our capitalistic, laissez-faire economic system. Good for you.

More of Roseanne's tweets:

By the way, I especially love how middle class you're trying to look in your twitter avatar. You're just a down-home American who drives a rusty old pick-up truck, like a regular workin Joe! What the reader doesn't know is that you're coming from the bank where you've taken out this month's royalty payment in gold coins.

No doubt you are an absolutely rational and sound-minded person. Living on a macadamia nut farm has not become ironic in any way at all. Until we hear that you have donated a large chunk of your personal wealth to charity (at least 50%), it's hard for us to take you seriously. I dont know why the Occupy Wall Street people would take you seriously either (I doubt they do). In the meantime, good luck with your Comedy Central roast!

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