50 Cent Is Suing Rick Ross For $2 Million Over "In Da Club" Usage

By on December 28, 2015 in ArticlesEntertainment

The ongoing hip-hop feud between 50 Cent and Rick Ross has just added another chapter. Fifty Cent has now filed a $2 million lawsuit against Ross for allegedly stealing his song "In Da Club."  The bad blood between these two rappers continued after Ross rapped over 50's biggest single on his new mixtape #RenzelRemixes. Ross rapped his own lyrics over the beat of 50's song on his two-disc mixtape promoting his new album, Black Market.

Many people are speculating that 50 Cent is trying to get back at Rick Ross, who successfully sued him for $7 million after 50 leaked a sex tape featuring Ross' baby mama. 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy and might see this as a great opportunity to get a couple million dollars back without doing anything for it. Fifty is also suing Ross for an injunction against the use of his material that he says Ross sampled without his permission.

The suit claims that Rick Ross used 50 Cent's name and reputation in order to "advertise his own album, and violated 50 Cent's rights in the process, and we believe he should be held liable." Fifty's legal team went on to say that "50 Cent's most valuable asset is the name and reputation he has painstakingly built through his Grammy-winning music, acting, and business endeavors. He chooses his projects carefully for the very purpose of protecting that name and reputation."

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The feud between these two rappers started back in 2009, when Fifty looked at Ross "the wrong way" at the BET Awards. After that, Ross released the song "Mafia Music" that referred to a child support battle 50 Cent was involved in. Fifty answered back with the song "Officer Ricky (Go Ahead, Try Me)."  The next chapter was the infamous lawsuit that Ross won against 50 for releasing the sex tape of Rick's child's mother.

Rappers have been sampling other artists' tracks and doing remixes for years, and many hip hop artists see this as a form of tribute. We know 50 Cent is all about the money so this really comes as no surprise. The surprising thing here is that Ross would choose to use 50's hit song, almost like he was trying to egg him on. The impact of this lawsuit could change the way rappers choose to do remixes in the future.

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