The Net Worth of every Jetset Magazine Cover Celebrity

By on May 29, 2012 in ArticlesEntertainment

It's safe to say that anyone visiting Celebrity Net Worth on a daily basis aspires to be uber rich and live a insanely luxurious life full of fancy cars, private jets and exotic vacations. As a person who particularly dislikes airports, I can say that my favorite part of being wealthy will most likely be flying private jets. You skip all the security lines, you can leave whenever you show up, and you get totally pampered as you jet off to a exclusive beach resort. For those of us who are not quite at that income bracket yet, we can still experience and learn about the good life by reading Jetset Magazine. Jetset Magazine is the number one magazine for the affluent and VIP lifestyle and is read by the wealthiest 1% aboard Gulfstreams, private 747s, yachts and more. Jetset does a fantastic job of defining what the richest of the rich enjoy, whether it's fashion, travel, golf, boating and much more.

Recently we were lucky enough to make contact with the good people over at Jetset and they sent over their 14 favorite celebrity covers. The Jetset Magazine cover has featured some of the richest and most famous celebrities ever, from Pamela Anderson to Donald Trump to Jennifer Lopez. We went ahead and made a gallery out of these top 14 covers and ranked each celebrity by net worth, from lowest to highest. Which cover celeb is the richest? Which one do you think lives the most Jetsetting lifestyle? Click the image below to launch the gallery and find out!

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