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Once you've made enough money to buy a fancy car and a fancy house what do you buy next? How about a watch? How about a watch that costs more than the house and the car, combined??!! So what is the world's most expensive watch? The top ten list of expensive watches are highly sought after by those who can afford such luxury items. The world's most expensive watch was created by Patek Philippe & Co., a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer located in Switzerland. Patek Philippe is the creator of all of the top ten most expensive watches in the world. Wristwatches and pocket watches over the years have become appreciated as collectible art or fine jewelry. Wristwatches are timepieces worn for everyday keeping of time. High end watches are expensive watches that are focused on fashion adornment rather than functional timepieces.


The 10 most expensive watches of all time:

10. Officier (1923)

Patek Philippe


Sold at Antiquorum in 1999

This is a one-of-a-kind Patek Philippe wristwatch, featuring 18-karat yellow-gold, a chronograph and a 60-minute register.

9. The Grogan (1925)

Patek Philippe


Sold at Christie's in 2006

Patek Philippe's gold chronograph wristwatch has a cushion-shaped case, a one-of-a-kind wristwatch made specifically for a left-handed wearer.

8. Grande Complication (1926)

Patek Philippe


Sold at Christie's in 2005

The watchmaker's most influential patron, Henry Graves Jr., a New York financier, had this signed Patek Philippe watch made for him. The Grande Complication watch had 12 so-called "complications," including a bi-directional winding mechanism, twin-barrel and a perpetual calendar.

7. Model 2499 First Series (1951)

Patek Philippe


Sold at Antiquorum in 2002

The Patek Philippe was made in 1951 and stamped with the Patek Philippe signature. The Patek Philippe is an 18-karat rose-gold wristwatch with a perpetual calendar and moon-phase dial.

6. Model 1591 (1944)

Patek Philippe


Sold at Christie's in 2007

Patek Philippe's Model 1591 holds the world record for any stainless steel wristwatch sold at auction. This watch is believed to be the only stainless steel model 1591 ever made, one of only two of this model to exist to date.

5. Model 2499 First Series (1957)

Patek Philippe, 1957


Sold at Christie's in 2007

This watch is the most expensive watch ever sold at Christie's, stamped with Patek Philippe's signature. There are five other examples of this 18-karat rose-gold wristwatch known to have appeared in public to date.

4. Model 2523 Heures Universelles (1953)

Patek Philippe


Sold at Antiquorum in 2006

This Patek Philippe watch of 18-karat yellow-gold is a world time watch with an intricate design with polychrome cloisonne enamel dial representing the map of North America.

3. Platinum World Time (1939)

Patek Philippe


Sold at Antiquorum in 2002

The Platinum World Time is believed to be the only time wristwatch of its kind ever made. At the time it was created in 1939, the Platinum World Time was believed to be the most expensive wristwatch in the world.

2. Caliber 89 (1989)

Patek Philippe


Sold at Antiquorum in

The Caliber 89 18-karat white-gold "clockwatch" has a total of 33 functions and is known as the most complicated watch in the world, including time of sunrise and sunset and dials for a second time zone.

1. Henry Graves Supercomplication (1932)

Patek Philippe


Sold at Sotheby's in 1999

The most expensive watch in the world was sold at Sotheby's, with intense competition for this prized watch. The estimate by Sotheby's for sale of the Henry Graves Supercomplication was a figure between $3 million and $5 million. Instead, intense competition drove the bids to more than $11 million. Henry Graves Supercomplication is a yellow-gold pocket watch with two faces and 24 complications. The watch took four years to build and holds the record for the most expensive watch ever sold.

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