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What is the most expensive island in the world? No, we're not talking about Manhattan, we are talking about a certifiably real island, the type of private islands celebrities and millionaires purchase for their own private vacation getaway. This list of private islands cost in the millions and are a luxury few can afford.

10. Bird Cay, Bahamas

Price: $28 million

Bird Cay is a 250 acre tropical estate in the Bahamas. The island features spectacular ocean views, sandy beaches, and landscaped trails planted with varieties of exotic tropical flora. An historic two story building is the main residence on the island, including a swimming pool, guest house further down the shore, and five waterfront cottages lining the beach.

9. Agria Trias, Athens, Greece

Price: $28 million

The island of Agria Trias comes with the main house, additional beach houses, a staff house and even a church. A variety of pistachio, fruit trees, and olive trees are part of the landscape featured on this exclusive island. Agria Trias is a short distance from Athens, Greece.

8. Cerralvo Island, Mexico

Price: $35 million

Cerralvo Island is located near La Paz, Mexico featuring 35,000 acres of land. Cerralvo Island has sandy beaches and steep bluffs on one side of the island, and maintains a balmy climate. Migrating sea life provides an excellent spot for fishing, made all the easier due to the clear water.

7. Hog Cay, Bahamas

Price: $35 million

Hog Cay island is located in the Bahamas, complete with 681 acres of lush, tropical paradise and secluded bays and beaches. The island has a two story main building with six bedrooms, bar, gym and games room, and spectacular views of the ocean. The island has a 2,500 foot airstrip for private planes to land on.

6. Charles Island, Bahamas

Price: $39 million

Charles Island is located in the Bahamas, featuring 55 acres of land fully equipped with electricity, telephone and water utilities available from nearby Spanish Wells, making it an ideal potential development property.

5. Isla de sa Ferradura

Price: $39.7 million

The the Isla de sa Ferradura is also known as the Isla del Bosc. This is a small island with 14 acres resembling a private resort. Sunshine envelopes the island 300 days a year. The island has a mansion complete with a chef's kitchen, sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, beauty salon, gym, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, and a heated fresh-water pool.

4. Hans Lollik Islands, US Virgin Islands

Price: $45 million

Hans Lollik Islands is a prime area for real estate development and is 8,000 feet away from St. Thomas island. The islands feature stunning views, beaches, forests and fishing, ideal for swimming, diving or snorkeling.

3. Caye Chapel Resort, Belize

Price: $65 million

Caye Chapel sold for $65 million a few years ago, the island is now a luxury resort located 12 miles from Belize. The island resort has luxury villas and features a yachting marina, airstrip, conference facilities, bar, restaurant, swimming pools, and beaches. Activities and services are abundant for visitors, including spa treatments, boating, fishing, and kayaking.

2. Ronde Island, Grenada

Price: $100 million

Ronde Island is located in the Caribbean, with 2000 acres of lush tropical land filled with hills and valleys, isolated and untouched by development. The island has stalactite and quartz crystal-decorated swim-through caves, beaches, and water visibility of up to 100 feet. The marine life is prolific, with eels, large pelagics, turtles, and green moray common, and the dramatic underwater topography is stunning.

1. Lisbon Island, Portugal

Price: $310 to $350 million

Lisbon Island in Portugal is the most expensive island in the world. Lisbon Island is a massive 3000 acres of undeveloped property primed for development. Speculation states the island has evaluated for a luxury golf course, with residential units. Lisbon Island is in an ideal location, situated nearby heavily populated Lisbon.

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