Meet Tony Toutouni, The Instagram Millionaire We Love To Hate

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You know Dan Bilzerian, aka the King of Instagram? His Instagram feed was one of the first to offer a glimpse into a life that is, what's the term? …ballin'. But that was yesterday, and there's a new wealthy playboy-esque dude documenting his life for all (let's be honest, for particular kinds of men) to envy on Instagram. His name is Tony Toutouni and he's making Dan Bilzerian, as well as the Rich Kids of Instagram and PrivateSchoolSnaps, look positively middle class.

Toutouni is on Instagram with the username @lunatic_living (click through at your own risk as most of his pics are very much NSFW) and the tagline:

"They say it is better to be poor and happy than rich and miserable, so I compromised! moderately rich and just moody."

In case you are curious, Tony Toutouni's net worth is $75 million. That's compared to Bilzerian's $100 million net worth.

Toutouni chronicles his "fabulous" life of models and bottles on the popular social media site. Basically, if Scarface's Tony Montana had an Instagram thread, this would be it. Filled with bare female asses, stacks of cash, booze, private planes, and other toys of the wealthy, often with his middle finger extended. He claims that is his trademark and has insured his middle finger for $7 million. Toutouni's feed presents itself as part aspirational and part cautionary tale.

Toutouni claims to have escaped from Iran at a young age. He moved to Los Angeles and became a rags-to-riches story. At one point he was a car stereo salesman before he got fed up with the job and flipped his boss the bird on his way out the door to find his fame and fortune.

By the way, that is the story of how flipping the bird became his trademark.

Let's be honest, 42-year-old Toutouni is, at best, a wannabe Dan Bilzerian. He is also a gross misogynist who is not just glorifying but willingly embracing all the worst aspects of a wealth and status-obsessed culture. He's all flash and no substance.

The funding of Toutouni's lavish lifestyle supposedly comes from investments he has in car dealerships, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. His exact net worth is not clear. He was inspired to create his own Instagram account by Dan Bilzerian, who he claims is a friend.

His Instagram feed discloses that he pays for women's breast augmentation surgeries and gives truckloads of toys to kids in need. He appears to be constantly surrounded by scantily clad woman half his age. It doesn't matter if he's lounging poolside, playing poker with a Congressman, or doing his laundry — there's a trashy babe perched next to him.

Looking at Toutouni's documented debauchery, it's hard to understand why Instagram wouldn't ban a photo of three women's naked backsides with the absolutely awful caption "Double tap Ur favorite ass then scratch and sniff without breaking Ur phone #Mondaychallenge."

Remember, this man is 42 years old.

Toutouni also posts photos with inspirational quotes, such as "Those who won't have this life will stare at this pic and call this motivation, yet those who will one day have this life will get up and do something about it now. #tonysadvice #privatejets #rolls #bentley #dontdreamitjustdoit" The quote appears under a picture of a Rolls-Royce.

All the "love to hate him" press is accomplishing one thing – getting Toutouni more Instagram followers and likely more women with self esteem issues that want to be exploited by him.

We live in a strange, strange world.

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