"Machine Guns Vegas" World's First VIP Gun Lounge

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Las Vegas, besides its casinos, is known for it's clubs, lounges, bars, strip clubs as well as its shooting ranges. But when you're in Vegas, don't you hate having to keep a limo waiting or keep calling cabs to get between them all? Well coming early 2012, you'll only have to make one stop! Just head down to "Machine Guns Vegas" Ultra Gun Lounge, where they combine the ambiance of a VIP luxury lounge and a high-end shooting range.

So at the world's first luxury gun lounge, you'll get to enjoy your Second Amendment in a stylish lounge with some refreshments and sexy lady hostesses. The official spokes model and shoot host is Jeannie Duffy, an model who has served on the US Air Force. With addtional hostesses to help load your gun. The full facility is 10,000 square feet with the lounge featuring plush furniture, large flat-screens, iMacs and complementary drinks, with private areas for parties. There will be two private shooting lanes which a shooting host will take you through and along with large interactive displays, instruct and show-off the gun options. You're also have the option to upload photos or videos to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Machine Guns Vegas will offer a range of famous firearms, from real conflicts to movies to video games, with targets such as Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. You'll find current U.S. Navy SEAL weapons, including the ones used by SEAL Team Six, famous for busting a cap in Bin Laden's head. There will also be World War II-era guns, in case you make a Veteran's Day weekend visit. They have the big M60 machine gun, a favorite of Rambo, to a big .50 Cal Desert Eagle, like the on Bullet Tooth Tony used in "Snatch". They also have a set of "Call of Duty" guns, for the billions of players out there wanting to taste the real thing.

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Any don't worry, there will be a luxury gift shop with engraved and embroidered gun accessories and souvenirs to remember your experience. There also will be Louis Vuitton and Prada accessories sold, that are matched up for gun and ammunition use. For the lady shooter, a one-of-a0kind designer handbag with concealed gun holster is offered. Customized limited-edition guns are also offered if you try out one you'd like to take home.

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