Lucasflim's Star Wars Inspired Campus in Singapore

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It looks like George Lucas has been up to more than tormenting his fans with changes to the upcoming Blu-Ray release of the Star Wars movies.  Set to open in 2012, this omnipotent-looking structure looks to have been influenced by the Jawa Sandwalker from Star Wars. The design by world-renowned architectural firm Aedas, has already picked up some awards this year: It was shortlisted as Best Future Commercial Project at the World Architecture Festival, it won The International Architecture Award from the Chicago Athenaeum and it won Best Office architecture at the Singapore International property awards.

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The massive facility will hold offices for George Lucas's main divisions: LucasFilm (including movie studio), Their video game developer LucasArts , Lucas Animation, LucasFilm Television and Industrial Light and Magic. It has eight floors of office space, a public park area and retail shopping on the ground floor. It will also have an elevated public garden. Everything will be state-of-the-art, of course. It will be a part of Singapore's Fusionopolis business park, which is a high-tech center for research and development firms, tech companies, government agencies, as well as retail shops and apartments.

It will also include a 100-seat movie theater for the staff. I heard a rumor that George Lucas has mandatory viewings of all the Star Wars editions and quizzes the staff on the differences.  A failing grade will get you fed to the Singaporean Sarlacc sandworm under the building.

This new campus in Singapore is the first international campus for Lucas. George Lucas has The Letterman Digital Arts Center in San Francisco which opened in 2005. This new-age campus is what inspired the new one in Singapore by combining many elements of Lucasfilm under one roof. It covers 23 acres and 17 acres of public park space to share.  The original Skywalker Ranch along with Big Rock Ranch and Grady Ranch take all take up a 6,100 acre area in Northern California.  The actual LucasFilm campuses only take up 5 acres, with the rest dedicated to agriculture, public hiking trails and conservation preserves, which may or may not include a Ewok village.

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