Legendary 150-Year-Old Texas Ranch Hits The Market For $192.2 Million

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The 6666 Ranch is located between Lubbock and Dallas. The 142,000-acre ranch has been owned by the same family since it was founded in 1870. It is one of the largest ranches in the United States. It's now hit the market for the first time after the death of Anne Marion, an heiress and the owner of the ranch. For a cool $192.2 million, you can own a piece of Texas history. It was founded by Captain Samuel "Burk" Burnett. The Burnett family made its fortune in cattle and oil. Burk Burnett went on to be one of the most influential and successful cattlemen in the history of Texas. He started the ranch with 100 cows. This is the first time in the history of the ranch that it has hit the market. The ranch is located in Guthrie, Texas. It was owned by the late Anne Marion. She died in February of lung cancer at 81. She is survived by her daughter, Windi Grimes.

Burnett started as a cattle rancher herding his father's cattle along the Chisolm Trail to Kansas. He founded 6666 Ranch with 100 cattle he bought in 1868. The rumor is that he chose the name 6666 Ranch after a winning hand of poker. Burnett and President Theodore Roosevelt were friends. Burnett had a local town named after him by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1910. It was called Burkburnett. In 1918, oil was discovered in Burkburnett and the family's wealth grew exponentially with the 56 oil rigs they erected in the town. Eventually, Hollywood came calling and made a movie about the boomtown of Burkburnett. Burk and his wife Ruth had three children. Two died as children. Their son Tom lived and went on to run the ranch and have his own family. The ranch house was built in 1917 and has had a number of famous guests to it over the years including Roosevelt, Will Rogers, and Indian Chief Quanah Parker.

Burk Burnett died in 1922 at the age of 73. He had a net worth of $6 million at the time, which is equal to $93 million today. Burnett left the ranch to his daughter Anne Burnett when he died in a trust for her unborn child, who turned out to be Anne Marion. She officially inherited the ranch when her mother died in 1980.

The ranch is being sold under the terms of Anne Marion's will. The 6666 Ranch is 20 miles long and 12 miles wide. More than 140,000 acres of it are untouched. Several rivers run through the property. The property has several barns, pens, and stalls for the horses. Pastures range from 900 acres to 10,000 acres. The main ranch house has 13 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, three powder rooms, two kitchens, and a large dining room. There is also a loft barn, which was featured in Marlboro cigarette ads in the 1960s and 1970s. The property has a general store and two bunkhouses as well as two laborer houses and about 20 houses for employees. The property also has an airplane hangar and private landing strip.

The cattle division of the ranch has 4,000 cows, 200 bulls, and several hundred heifers. The cattle have 135,000 acres over which to roam. The ranch is also known for breeding horses. They raised American Quarter Horses for racehorses. Dash for Cash, the two-time world champion was raised at 6666 Ranch. The horse division has a 17,000-square-foot office building and a new 48,750-square-foot covered arena. The horses have 10,000 acres to roam.

The land the ranch is on is rich in minerals. One-quarter of the minerals are being sold with the ranch, as well as solar and wind rights. The cattle, horses, and equipment are not included in the sale of the ranch but can be purchased separately.

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